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Chibis Global — Summer Splash Edition: Reimagined!

Chibis Global: Reimagined!

Chibis Global: Reimagined

We recently released an update to our development cycle back in June/July 2021. Since then, we have been quite BUSY! Our transition phase brought us into a windfall of opportunities, and hence, the game we have grown to love has been reimagined into something even greater than ever expected before.

CG (Chibis Global) is continuing as a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game — and will (re)define a special genre of mmorpg-s: the “MP” version, aka the “Multiple Perspective” design. We hope to be the first game to truly develop a new dynamic in the genre, much like how the term “Metroidvania” or simply “MV” has become a thing. Now “MP” can be a thing too!

What is Multiple Perspective you ask? Well, simply put, it is the “perspective” from which the player plays the game, or the character controlled interacts with the game environment. In Chibis Global, there will be multiple perspectives (hence the tag MP) from which you, the player will play. No longer do games need to be locked into a single perspective (top down — like Zelda, or Side Scroll like mario) etc. CG will have a multitude of interactions reminiescent of various game play modes from over the years. More on this to come in future updates.

Transitional Update

Recently, we announced via our old discord channel a “transitional phase” allowing players to transition their old assets to our new standard. 1st and 2nd phase applications have already been received and verification of accounts and assets is under way. This allows us to both mobilize our current player base to the new standard, and filter out bad actors who abused either the project, our community, or both. Wonderful news of course, now lets get on with the fun stuff!

Its been a roller coaster of a year, and its just starting!

Like any good roller coaster, whatever goes down, must also go up!!


With some major revisions to our project, we have reached new heights and capabilities not previously possessed. As such, we will be introducing expanded gameplay, design concepts, and a storyline that was not previously part of the overall project design! This is very exciting news, and anyone invested or interested in playing CG should be pleasently surprised. Lets go over some of these things here:

1. Expanded Storyline: Originally, the design behind Chibis Global was to give Chibis an Origin Story of sorts, and thats what we planned to do. However, with the new tech and opportunities that presented themselves, we went FULL IN on story development and have a highly anticipated and expanded story to tell, which will be the CORE focus of CG now. No longer will chibis float through digital space and sit around on shelves in boxes at conventions. Chibis all over will now have an origin story to count on, and a virtual world to dwell in if they so desire.

Our story will cover a protagonist, who will be introduced in the opening credits of the game. This character will pseudo represent the player in the game world, and you will be presented with some choices as the opening scenes roll out. These decisions will impact your initial character choice, so choose carefully!

— — — — — — — — — — — 108 character paths — — — — — — — — — — — -

We now have exactly 108 unique character paths to choose from. These 108 dynamic classes will have over 1296 unique story interactions, thus increasing replayability and longevity many times over. That means a player would start as just 1 of 108 different, unique character paths, and of those; 1296 different unique main story dynamics are possible. It is likely that one player will never fully experience each and every story interaction, thus making ALL players experience with the game slightly and dynamically unique. This is yummy territory for content creators, as delving into the differences in player experience will have great returns.

— — — — -Easter Eggs — — — — — —

Additionally, we are implementing dozens, if not hundreds of Easter Eggs into the game, tipping our hat to a wide variety of game and pop culture lore. One may encounter “Skulder and Mully” two of our favorite alien chasing personas. Did they eventually find what they were after, only you can tell when you find them (if you find them!) Here is a fun article on Easter Eggs found in major game titles over the years — and HERE.

— -More Assets — -

Another big boon we encountered: Last year around this time we contracted with an artist for game assets and artwork to be used in CG. Having not heard from them in quite a while, we initially wrote this contract off as a loss. Lo and behold, the artist completed this contract just this last week and delivered over 15,000+ useable assets…..they’ve been actively building art and assets all year long! What a blessing. We will likely continue to contract with this artist, due to their dedication and quality of assets. This opens up a great many doors, as the assets match the new medium for content delivery better than our previous one! Blessed!!!

— -Official Music Soundtrack — -

Another major boon — we now have a 100 track OG Soundtrack for Chibis Global!!! Storytelling is very hard without the proper mood, and boy do these tracks give each story element and gameplay its own ambiance. Complete with creepy tracks for halloween events, CG just gained a level! Definitely look forward to a very engaging audio visual experience. This was something we were definitely missing, its night and day with and without the music. Special Collector Edition physical items will be released in a future fundraising campaign, of which a copy of the official score to Chibis Global will be included!

Several of our characters will now also have their own theme music. Mirjam’s Tavern definitely got an upgrade, with a Bard to keep all the patrons in good spirits! Our infamous bully — Mr. Fud, now has his own theme music, so if you hear it, it is probably a good idea to run (unless of course you prefer to stand up to bullies — which we highly encourage!). Additional villages will be found along the storyline line path too, many with their own theme music.

The music score itself tells a story, and we fully anticipate an emotional response generated largely in part due to the combination of music and storytelling. The main character (you!) Will encounter a journey of sorts, an odyssey if you may. Full of strife, gain and loss, as well as self discovery. This will be one for the ages, and pit you up against some of the deadliest enemies one could conjure up.

  • Update: Our music artist turned us on to a service which is providing us a generous amount of music on a monthly basis! This is quite exciting, we may even have enough unique music to populate our infinitely procedurally generating dungeons with matching music! More updates on this to come~

— -Mini Games — -

A timeless tradition in rpg’s, mini games was always something baked into these types of games, and we won’t disappoint. Anywhere from butterfly catching, to dragon scale hijinks; the player experience will be rife with fun and difficult challenges. Puzzles will also be a part of the journey, no easy path through — some will be at key story focal points, requiring both knowledge and thinking to bypass. We are really putting our thoughts into each puzzle or mini game to add an additional layer of fun, and at times — complexity.

— -Utility Items — -

In addition to mini games, dozens of unique, various utility items will be added to the game. Once acquired, they can be refined, adjusted, and in some cases even upgraded. Some will have multiple use cases, while others will be entirely obscure. Whips, Tin Foil Hats, and even an Iron Skillet will come in handy throughout our journey through the Chibiverse.

Later on, we will discuss Classes and Disciplines. One of these is a tech oriented class, and it will make greater use of utility items. The class will be able to equip and utilize multiple utility items making it a really fun class to play, however its ability to wield magic like powers is fully diminished, which can be a plus, or a big negative depending on the situation.

— -Endless Dungeons — -

Another major feature update we have received is extended procedural generation. Unlike our previous platform, we now have the ability to add totally unique and technically “endless” amounts of dungeons that procedurally generate. For those that are not familiar, procedural generation is an ai format that generates randomly designed, usually functional floorplans. With this tool included, no player will have the same exact experience with the map of Chibis Global! While we will have certain environments being “static” (universal for everyone) we will try to include as many procedurally generated environments whereever it makes sense.

That means even for the same player, entering certain areas or dungeons will have new and unique layouts, each and every time! This is a huge thing for this genre of games, especially with top down type of environments. It can get dragged on if a few players master the game, then write strategy guides showing all the floor plans for everything, no challenge left for anyone else other than grinding levels and gear. With Procedurally generated environments, you never know what’s waiting for you on the next floor, or how many floors are left to go…..exciting!

--Enhanced AI (Enemies) —

Our game platform update has an enhancedai system using new tech to manage enemies and their interactivity. Unlike pre-programmed paths of days of yore, enemies in CG now have the ability to appear almost as if they have thought. You will find enemies increasingly difficult to snipe, or path exploit. They will use cover, corners and doorways to get advantage, and those wielding melee weapons will get into close range faster than ever experienced before. The difficulty in the game will generally increase based on the location and story advancement, but a difficulty toggle will also be included for enhanced challenges - which of course reward greater spoils!

— -The Story — -

By adding a protagonist, we are better able to render a deep and enthralling storyline. Instead of just being thrust into the world of Chibis as a Chibi that already exists, the main character comes from the world of humans, and is thrust into the backstory of Chibis. The player will meet many friends and enemies along the way, and there will be optional storylines, as well as optional recruitable characters depending on choices made (it will be impossible as of right now to recruit all the available side stories due to choicing). The story is really enthralling, and we hope it is well received once it is fleshed out and presented through gameplay.

— -Speaking of Gameplay — -

So we will be releasing Season 1 periodically over the period of 2 years (2022–2023) in chapter bits. Initially, the players will be thrust into the tutorial, and the introductory portion of the storyline. This will take players through the controls and learning how to interact with the environment. Any good complex rpg always includes a tutorial, ones that do not usually aren’t the recipients of good reviews — so we felt this was important, and also helps bring the story characters into play as well, so why not!

The introduction takes players on adventures throughout Chibiville and into Chibi Valley (the immediate surrounding area). This is where the story begins, and choices made even this early, can have major implications later on so always be on alert. The introduction will also introduce two supporting characters! We dont want to spoil the fun yet on these, so stay tuned for more info there.

After the introduction is complete, players will be introduced to chapter 1 of the story. By now players should have approximately 8–10 hours of playtime under their belt and a decent understanding of the game. Now you will be tasked to go out and follow up on the story decisions from the introductory chapter. This will put you at first odds with enemies unknown and experience some of the basic game mechanics like a dungeon and fighting multiple enemies.

Once Chapter 1 is complete, players will have experienced most if not all of the basic designs that Chibis Global will offer at first. The HQ should be unlocked and players will begin forming their teams and dispatch units. We will be sticking to the 108 active and 25 max (5 party) system as previously designed. Remember, although these are the caps, initial party size and castle sizes will be much lower.

Once chapter 2 is begun, players will have a wider berth of areas to explore, and bounties to be discovered. This is not without peril of course, as enemies will be more abound and intent on preventing the chibis from venturing forth. Most game modes will be active at this point.

— -Parental Controls — -

Our project has also received an even greater boon — onboarding galore. Our new tools allow us to reach audiences we never expected to be possible this early on. As such, being a crypto-enabled project, we also need to take into consideration the need to protect our community, especially those not yet of the age of minority. As this varies by locale, we can’t possibly make adjustments, so we will automatically apply all parental controls for those unable to check mark that they are at least 13 years of age. Parents can submit waivers to remove controls for those under such age.

For those age 13 thru 18, parental controls can be toggled on/off, and a special toggle for parents not wanting their under 18 from interacting with blockchains just yet. Players in this category will fully be able to play the game, and receive all the same items as blockchain players, they will just be rewarded as an off chain item. When the blockchain is enabled for such an account, say a couple years later, they will have the option to “on-chain” these idle assets and then market them. Great for say a 16 year old, play for a couple of years, then bank in when they hit 18. This of course is completely optional, as blockchain is not age discriminatory, anyone can use it!

Regardless, we understand that parents may not want to have to monitor something they dont understand, and not every youthful person knows how to make sound financial decisions. They an take this time to learn from the community on best practices and make informed decisions when the time arrives. Either way the option will be available, only those under 13 will require a signed waiver from a parent or guardian. (We have several parent/child teams ready to play, so this is an important feature for them, and for those to be onboarded).

— -Areas of Access — -

In addition to the above, parental locks will also limit accounts to specific starter regions. Players parentally locked will have access to the tutorial and introductory zones, but will not be able to progress into chapter 1 until such a parental lock is released or waiver received. This is to ensure that all ages can enjoy Chibis, while not always encountering danger and potential loss due to misconception or unawares. Generally most ages are exposed to combat scenarios as well as the danger of win/loss, but we prefer to put those reigns in parental hands rather than the person not yet of age, as we are not responsible for others ability to learn and formatively develop. This is also due to the implications of perma-death that are enabled, which we will discuss next.

Major Design Implementations

— -Perma-Death — -

All too often, gamers these days take respawning and reviving for granted. This wasn’t always the case, and is very unrealisitic (sure its fantasy, but any level of immersion or challenge is drasitcally curved for ease of play). In Chibis Global, Perma-Death and Delayed Recovery will be implemented starting around Chapter 1. Let’s discuss these designs a bit further:

1. Perma-Death: Players will control a “main character”, (referred to now as the player’s AVATAR) i.e. the Protagonist. This Protagonist has the 108 unique choices, and 1296 dynamic story interactions. As such, at any point past a certain event in Chapter 1, if certain conditions are met, your avatar can be either:

a. Retired

b. Extinguished

When a player voluntarily retires their Avatar, they can continue to play as that same class in a newly made avatar, or choose a different path.

When a player dies ingame their avatar has a chance to be extinguished, with varying factors determining whether this occurs. Chapter 1 will outline this further, so that players are not caught unaware. Unlike Retired Avatars, Extinguished Avatars will “lock out” their current class/discipline from being chosen again until a certain point in the game (years away). Thus players will have to be careful, and plan ahead accordingly and not take extensive risks expecting the system to just roll you back if you push your limits.

2. Delayed Recovery is a bit different, in that many characters (not including the main avatar protagonist) may be knocked unconscious and potentially recovered by additional dispatched teams. Delayed Recovery is seen in many games, generally military like games in that, once hurt, they take real time lengths to recover from their wounds, in the form of hours or days. Generally, when a Delayed Recovery kicks in, is when there are no rescue parties, and the player chooses to recover said unit/party at the closest recoverable point (local city or save point).

Both of these factors will be of great impact on player decisions, and speed of progression. As an effort to include aspects of strategy, we feel these implementations give the player an additional layer of both immersion, and reward. Knowing you can just zerg content, the reward will feel less well, rewarding. When you carefully plan, and edge out a win, those rewards become more valuable both to the player, and to the community. Having a high level protagonist avatar will be a major accomplishment, and will be a source of not just envy/pride but also accomplishment. Communities should focus on helping each other maintain their avatar’s wellbeing throughout the course of the journey.

Now — what happens when an avatar is retired/extinguished? The player will receive a (currently) untradeable NFT of that avatar that can be put on display within the game at Chibi HQ gallery, or elsewhere like art galleries that display NFTs digitally. Eventually we will likely include a once per year resurrection reward item (during Easter most likely, kind of an easter egg, during easter…if you get my drift?) that will allow the return of an avatar that was either retired/extinguished.

There are many advantages from retiring or the unfortunate extinguishment. In order to accomplish certain tasks, or encounter with certain side storyline aspects, certain Class/Disciplines will be needed. Thus playing through as one single primary avatar can clear the primary story, there is extensive content that will provide more indepth lore and content when swapping out. Players will be locked out of class and disciplines over time if they are not careful, so we will ensure that the primary class/discipline “main” story character will always be accessible.

Its highly unlikely that anyone will nullify all 108 classes before specific content is cleared, but we have to be prepared for that eventuality as well. Also, there are 12 major paths, so once a single path is cleared, ALL the class/disciplines for that path will be unlocked — in that they can once again be chosen again when restarting an avatar. generally, we expect newer players trying out a path to cycle through 2 or 3 of the 12 isciplines available, but who knows, either way, once cleared all aspects of that path will be re-opened permanently. This also opens up challenge side content as well, which Ill cover in a future article.

Perma-death and delayed recovery will be a key strategic aspect to consider when planning your trecks across the chibiverse. Utilizing secondary teams and chibis less integral to your stragey will be key decisions usually made for activities such as scouting, wittling down a boss and so forth. Making sure you have primary teams, secondary teams and recovery teams will be an ideal setup, as discussed in previous articles.

— -Unique Health Bar — -

In previous design plans we had a tri-bar system picked for our rpg journey. With our new standard and platform, we would like to integrate something new, and different. We aren’t sure this has been done in the history of gaming, and believe it will be a game first design. As such its in an early prototype stage, and has several quirks to be worked out/discovered.

Enter Stage Left: Chibmojis!

Draft: Chibmoji Health Status Bar

Our character(s) will have a unique health bar system, in that it will no longer be a health bar, but rather a status indicator utilizing Chibi Emojis as indicators!!!

Each chibmoji will indicate the current status of the associated character. Throughout the game, additional chibmoji faces will be added to the bar, thus enhancing the length at which a character can either power up, or power down.

As seen in the image above, as the characters mood increases, so does the abilities and fluidity of the character ingame. The opposite also applies, in that as the “mood” decreases from a variety of factors (taking damage, poison, bad story choices, etc) so too will the character become reduced in effectiveness. Unlike traditional games of the genre, we will not be a linear mathematical increase/decrease system. Many factors will be taken into consideration when moving forward (or backward) on the chibmoji scale. Players will have to learn and experiment to see exactly how this works.

There is 5 unique directions a players welfare count can travel through the course of the game in it’s current design. Starting with just one single Chibmoji, a Protagonist is at risk to quickly decline in health in any given dangerous situation. The Top Two Paths are “A” (left) and “B” (right). The Bottom Two Paths are “C” (left) and “D” (right). The recovery scale are the two angular rows left and right; “E”.

A player starts at point 0, the near top center smiling moji. As the player gains welfare, they move upward and then either left or right (A or B). As the player takes damage they either move backwards on A or B, or down from the 0 point, towards the bottom. Once reaching the bottom moji that’s pouring out tears, you will either move left or right depending on the type of damage taken (C or D). if you take too much damage without moving in a positive direction, you will either be incapacitated or extinguished (yikes!) Tombstone generally identifies this stage.

Additionally, players will have the ability to unlock “special” chibmojis temporarily or permanently. This special chibmojis can have special effects on the character(s) it is applied to. You can see some of these in the above chibmoji diagram.

We are really stoked to see how the chibmoji dynamic plays out, and how it is received over time as we develop and refine it. I personally believe this will be a game defining mechanic, just like how hearts were for games of the ’80s and more recently, games like Undertale. We really love to explore the history and development of rpg’s and the different systems used, check out the list largely focused on the history of Korean Rpg’s HERE.

— -Character Development — -

Let’s get to the juicy part, shall we?

Character Development has gone through a major overhaul. With the appointment of a primary playable “Avatar”, players get to determine their initial and resurgence class and discipline combinations. All in all, there are 108 unique playable class/discipline combos. Most Chibis will also follow these dynamic choices (with the exception of sparked, ill explain in a bit). Additionally, unique chibis will either have their entirely own class, or a unique discipline unaccessible to primary playables. These will be extra valuable, as they will provide unique gameplay abilities not accessible elsewhere.

The four choices for class will be:

1. Sparked

2. Wizkids

3. Marshalls

4. Technogears

Without giving too much of the initial story plot away, the primary class only available to the player is “Sparked”. These have unique disciplines and represent an avatar retaining its “Divine Spark or Light”. Generally you will be able to choose from the “Holy Trinity” when determining training discipline (Warrior, Healer, Knight [tank]). Only primary classes can be picked for these, all others Chibis can spawn as, however only players can utilize the spark (as well as primary support story characters.).

Wizkids are the embodiment of a partially damaged sparked, touched by entropy. Thus they are able to manipulate chaos energies in such ways that the purer for (Sparked) cannot. Wizkids will be similar to Warlocks or Wizards (Imagine that) in the traditional sense. Wands, Staves, Rods, etc. will be their primary go to, as well as clothing suitable for chanelling these energies. Choices between melee and ranged types are available.

Marshalls are more dynamic than the previous classes. Either never having a spark, or having melded into nature, Marshalls are elementalists in the most traditional way. While all other classes have just 3 disciplines, Marshalls overall have 12 different disciplines to choose from when making an initial pick.

Each Marshall has a primary element (earth, air, fire, or water) and then their secondary element determines their discipline. For example: a Fire Marshall could have either an understudy in earth, air or water. Each of these provide unique skills and talents based on the combination of that elemental style (Fire / Earth) may have an affinity for lava type skills for example, while (Fire/ Water) may have more of a ninja type discipline using mist for stealth and poisonous attacks.

Lastly, Technogears are spiritually agnostic, having given up intuitive notions for the more logical, temporal approach. As the name implies they are gear oriented classes, using tools and weapons to get the job done. They have 3 unique paths as well, similar to a rambo type, a james bond esque type and a crafter oriented spec that can still get the job done. As of right now, these are the only disciplines able to use gun type weapons.


Each of these disciplines is multi-faceted and provides unique gameplay experiences ensuring top level fun and enjoyability. Not every spec or discipline will match a players game style, so choose carefully, and utilize the retirement ability to swap to a different, more enjoyable class if you’re feeling a drag playing your current one.

* Note the initial class is a sparked character until after chapter 1, so you will have to play from the holy trinity of a sparked character first.

— — -Gameplay and Inventory — — -

Players will have access to expansive active and inactive inventories.

Additionally, weight and food/energy will play a role in the game.

Combat will be affected by types as well:

Piercing, Slashing, Blunt, and Magic

Active Inventory is similar to what we reminisce from games like Zelda. Our active mainhand (weapon), offhand (shield or defensive slot) and item (potion, tool etc). These will be the primarily used gear when adventuring in real time. We will have turn based activites as well, which will use a more traditional equipped gear slot system.

All in all we have 12 different weapon types:

1H Sword (Slash, Pierce)

2H Sword (Slash, Blunt)

1H Rod (Blunt)

2H Staff (Blunt) (Spear — Pierce)

1H Dagger (Pierce, Slash)

2H Bow (Pierce, special:blunt)

1H Gun (Pierce, blunt)

2H Gun (Pierce, Blunt)

1H Gauntlet (Blunt, special:pierce)

1H Wand (elemental, magic)

1H Axe & Hammers (slash, blunt)

2H Axe & Hammers (slash, blunt)

Generally, a weapon will fall into one of the 12 above categories, with one or more of the attack types. later on, unique items (Like a Magic Type Sword) may be found, but generally speaking, all items will traditionally fall into one of these 12 categories. Guns are unique and likely only Technogears will ever be able to utilize them, due to their nature. All other classes will have a discipline that an use bows as ranged combat.

Armor is limited to 6 different unique slots:

Helmet (Head) [blunt+]

Chestpiece (Body) [pierce+]

Leggings (Legs) [slash+]

Boots (Feet) [elemental+]

1H Shield [blunt+, slash+, pierce-, elemental -]

2H Shield [slash++, blunt++, pierce — , elemental — ]

The information in the brackets represents the reseistance bonus each piece type will generally have. While in active mode, you can only have 1 defensive item equipped at a time, so it will be a bit of a rock paper scissors system, with boots being the exception for magic/elemental type attacks. The shields also offer decent protection, but 2h shields at the cost of an active weapon (which may be very useful, or even necessary at times — think dragons).

Players will also be able to accessorize their characters too, up to six different types of accessory classes will exist:







Each of these will have unique purposes, and generally only equippable in the third slot fo a characters active inventory (or 2 in a turn based environment).

— -Unique Player Systems — -

Our new platform engages us with a wide variety of utility. In this we are easily able to develop and put out new interfacing options, leading to unique game play options. Just as the Multi Perspectives mentioned before, our UPS (Unique Player Systems) will also provide enhanced gameplay.

1. Multiplayer Shared/Split Screen

In this mode, players can potentially on either pc or console (if we get that far) share their game play with 3 other people. In that you can either play solo, and let other people locale to you control other members of your party. Or, other players can remotely join up and tackle a multiplayer objective on a split screen. This is exciting, imagine this:

Player named “Roy” has 3 real life friends he would like to play Chibis Global with. He invites them over, Sarah, Jimmy and Bob all agree. Roy gets them to a multiplayer split screen objective. He sets each of them up with a controller via usb into his pc (yes we have support for not just mouse and keyboard, but also controller, joystick and even mobile push screen).

Each player picks a character and gets 25% of the screen to themselves, they then tackle a top down objective. This is a major perspective opportunity not previously included in games of the genre afaik. This can also be done remotely, where players can either take control of one players team mate, or bring their own.

Its alot of initial programming therefor wont be included initially. However, after implementation this will be a major fun item that will drastically increase replayability. I’m personally looking forward to it, and hope you are too.

PvP Arena

2. Player vs. Player

A largely requested feature that we initially did not want to include, the new platform makes development of a pvp environment easy and smooth. As such, we’ve decided to go ahead and give it a go (eventually). Player arenas of up to 4 persons (no moba just yet) will duke it out Chibi Style. Various types and perspectives are easily implemented, so when the time comes, we will have some pvp shenanigans. For those aware of my time coordinating Mythereum’s pvp competitions, or my time as a Magic the Gathering Judge, you know that this will “take the cake” and be a major experience for all.

3. Aerials

We’ve briefly touched on this in the past. We will be including jetpack type activities and combat that takes the chibis off the ground. Eventually multiple perspectives may even have limited access for jetpack or similar tool usage as well. Keep an eye out for this one, we are also considering jetpack pvp unlocks as well.

4. Vehicular Combat

We’ve acquired a hefty amount of digital assets, and this includes a wide variety of ground and space vehicles. As such we are in fact developing systems for chibis to build, manage and battle with their vehicles as well. This will most likely also roll over to a pvp scenario as well. Generally side content will have the full swath of vehicular dynamics, but certain story points can now include vehicluar activities as well! Fun! (ChibiMechs are now not out of the question!!)

5. Elemental Exploration

Although Fiefdoms won’t be included initially, we are designing them so that environmental effects will be incorporated into each elemental region. The water fiefdom will largely be an entirely undersea zone in fact!

— Tokenomics and Sub-Systems —

Thanks to our new platform and standard, a whole lot of opportunities have made themselves available. Years of work have gone into this and it shows. First off, we have a fully functioning market for our assets now, and the ability to further develop a set of private submarkets as well for use directly ingame; (imagine ingame merchants with their own unique onchain market). The primary coin utilized is USDC (USD Coin), not to be confused with the lesser desirable usdt. USDC is great and has a lot of universal applications across the chains, so it works wonders for us. Eventually I would also like to get coverage for Dai, as it is my preferred stablecoin, but for now USDC will definitely do.

This opens alot of doors for us, and the protocol has about a dozen other coins available for immediate usage for buying/selling assets in the marketplace. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron and a few others. This means we can’t just sell chibi assets for any of these medium, you also can list or purchase using any one of these coins! They’re also the most easily accessed coins via exchanges, so if you have lesser listed altcoins, you can easily trade into one of these primaries and buy/sell to your hearts content. Also listing fees or so extremely minimal, its wonderful.

With that being said, we also plan on tokenizing various aspects fo the game. The first will be our coveted Chibi Wax. No longer will it just be a game item, an entire fudshop will be designed eventually for the tokenizing of Chibi Wax. Other game concepts will also be tokenized in unique fashions down the road as well.

One of our most requested sub-systems will also eventually be implemented, to everyone;s delight. The Fellowship of the Chibi will be our rental system. Players will be able to “loan out” various assets starting with specific chibis and later gear, equipment and items as well. If you want to see how a quality rental system is implemented, check out Splinterlands and their rental systems (Formerly steem monsters). great people and great coding over there, we can only hope to achieve similar greatness over time.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

We hope that this news has not been so much exhausting due to length but rather exciting to see how the game design process has been reimagined and enhanced over time! Let us know what features you are most looking forward to and Chibi on!

Reimagined, see you there!


The Great Philosopher




The Chibiverse welcomes various Chibi oriented publications, games, dapps and more to its universe. Our first project is “Chibis Global” a cross-platform, crosschain cryptogame!

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