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Chibis Global — Technical Update

Transitional Phase Update

Greetings and salutations Chibi Fans across the Chibiverse! Today we bring you news of utmost importance. The transitional phase launched on July 15th 2021, and is in delivery mode - phase 3 already. If you have not already filed for transitional assistance, please head over to our discord and place your request.


We have had a pretty swell turn out already and alot of familiar faces, so wonderful! The process is being handled manually and is focused on quality assurance. Assets acquired on or before Nov 1st 2020 will be eligible for mobilization, as discussed in previous articles and around that time last year. Of course, anyone who had been blocklisted during that time is not eligible. (Generally people were blocklisted for violating one or more community standards). Assets acquired after the snapshot will need to have an appeal request filed.

Appointments are a few weeks out now, as there are alot of verifications to be done. The transition process itself is a bit timely, but so far not too bad. Since our time is being devoted to the transition phase, development will pause while we mobilize assets. Assets are being mobilized currently as “placeholder” only items. This is to both assure quality, but also to prepare for the upcoming standard transition to in-game assets thereafter.


There have been those who have been kind, and those who have endured through alot of challenging situations (and some — both!). As such, we feel it is our duty to formally recognize those members who overcame various odds while we transitioned to our new home.

Early Adopters will all be rewarded with (at least) the following:

1. Special “Protean Founder” Badge

2. Special Protean Lockbox

3. Protean “Upgrades” to certain held assets

4. Special “Protean” Only Discord Channel and Secret Page Website Access

5. Special Periodic Airdrop for Protean Badge Holders (Similar to Alpha, Tau, etc.)

6. Bonus lootbox(es) x1 per 10 loot box(es) held (If you hold 10, you now have 11)

We feel that this is not just fair, but also necessary compensation and recognition for what we have all been through during these challenging times. Below is a short summary of most of the items that will be generated thanks to this initiative:

1. Founder Badge w/ Airdrops

2. Protean Lockbox:

Covid Mask (Accessory) — Great for resisting debuffs!

Diamond Hands (Accessory) — Great for Hodling things! These are the toughest gloves/gauntlets around, can hodl things with ease, don’t leave them at home!

Possible upgrades to volunteer community team members and community leaders will include the following (each item will be 1/1 unique):

Hands of Temperance: Special healing Gloves, figure out their special purpose and you may find yourself out to be the best healer in the game!

Hands of Blue: While stealthed, moderate to high chance to instantly kill an enemy if making a melee attack from behind. Bosses and other players are immune. Enemies that are naturally blue in color will be unaffected.

Nhine Inch Hands: Special boost to climbing or hodling things that are further away than normal. (I wonder who is going to get these…?)

Sharp & Pointy Hands: Wolverines would be jealous — cause excessive bleeding and able to resist falling against solid objects are just some of the utilitarian usage of these beauties.

Petrified Wood Hands: Melee attacks have chance to Petrify enemies. Able to resist certain elements.

Extractor Hands: Able to do more than just hodl, these are great for gathering type playstyles. Miners and Herbalists will rejoice!

Double Down Diamond Hands: Double the strength, Double the fun! of regular diamond hands, not for the feint of heart.

Butterfly Mit Hands: Catching little buggers has never been easier. Now these special Hands are covered with sweet smelling nectars, making the wiliest of bugs easy to catch with such sweet smells! Butterflies, Fireflys and more can’t resist these gloves — be the envy of everyone with your amazing catching skills!

Hands of the Greek: The true Hands of a Crafter — never before has such accuracy and steadiness existed in one set of gloves. The true crafter of all time will keep these dear and near.

Other fun tidbits and random items to be dropped at the appropriate times as well.

3. Protean Upgrades: These will apply to any Protean Badge Holder holding at least 1 of the following assets as a placeholder (applies when traded into the actual game asset):

1. Alpha

2. Tau

3. Personally Applied Unit (Hype Squadders like Merry Jam).

4. Other units possible to be added.

To identify whether you have received one or more Protean Upgrade Eligible units, look for a “+” sign appended to the end of the name on the transitional placeholder asset.

More Information:

Players who receive one or more of these will receive a unique version of the asset upon receiving the ingame asset. This means if you have say, 3x Tau, you will receive 1x Protean Tau, and 2x Regular Tau’s. Proteans will have a special series of mutations, only available to an owner with a Protean Badge (otherwise they act just like normal units of their name). So anyone can “own” own a Protean tagged unit (buy/sell) however, they will not see the full benefit unless they own a Protean badge.

Protean Units will come with a mutation — either 1–2 random mutations, as well as a guaranteed 1x set mutation.

Set mutations will be a specific element related to that character (max agi cap raised for Alpha for example). Each set Mutation will be unique to the specific unit. So everyone with Alpha will have that agi cap mutation as their standard set mutation.

The exciting part is the randomized mutation(s). Once the mutation has occurred, it cannot be removed. There are extensive types of mutations that exist, some examples are:

- Angel Wings

- Demon Wings

- Laser Eyes

- + Movement Speed

- Thick Skinned

- Ethereal

- Monstrous

- Extra Arm

- Third Eye

And many, many more possible Mutations possible. There is only a 3% chance for a double mutation, which only ever occurs once per unique protean creature. If a player receives a double protean mutation, you can expect it to be extremely rare, and lucky to say the least considering how few of these will ever exist.

4. Our Discord will have a unique channel viewable and interactable only by those few owners of a Protean badge. There may be future ways to earn a Protean badge, but for now they belong to transitioned Early Adopters only.

Additionally, our website will also have a secret access area for various badge holders. Protean Badge Holders will be one of these select few to be able to access these areas. Unique one time, or time limited offers will be available here, as well as special categories of information and ingame content access limited in a variety of ways.

5. Airdrops: Similar in style to the coveted Alpha/Tau and other unique Chibi Airdrops, Protean Badge holders will get randomly dropped content as well over the course of the game. Speaks for itself, as everyone is aware of our generosity and quality airdrops :)

6. Extra Bonus: Any transitional players that hodl ten or more “Loot Boxes” specifically, will receive a bonus loot box for every multiple of ten boxes held. So if you are holding, say 35 loot boxes, you will receive 38! Exciting :)

Additional rewards are being considered as well, just not set in stone just yet!

Transitional Details

Development has been going full speed as seen in our last article. To ensure transitional assets are delivered accurately and speedily, dev cycles will temporarily pause until all accounts have successfully been acquianted with their new placeholder transitional assets.

With that being said, everyone who submitted their information for transition phase 1 have now been approved. That means, unless you have received a denial response to you personal point of contact listed, you have been whitelisted for transition. Please keep in mind that Phase 1 occurred in mid-July, phase 2 submissions and phase 3 submissions have not been completed yet. Phase 1 is ready to go, and some assets have already been delivered to select accounts. (Priority to familiarity as well as size of delivery takes precedence, that way if we make mistakes we can reverse and repair before stepping up for everyone else).

As of right now, our new standard environment for the NFT’s does NOT utilize mint id#s. We never intended to utilize mint numbers, however we do understand how these can be of importance, especially to collectors rather than players. As the current assets being distributed are simply placeholders, we will review if a process to include mint numbers makes sense in the near future.

Reduction in overall mints

Due to the requirements for transitional phasing of assets, not all community holders will be transitioned. Generally, those who had been blocklisted or engaged in serious conduct/violations of our community terms of service will be ineligible to transition. A good portion of our active base have already partaken, and we expect only a few more accounts to utilize transition phase 3 or 4. This is great news going forward, and also indicates a reduction in the overall amount of assets of each type.

As such, we will review the final amount of each asset transitioned, and developed a plan to either re-implement the missing assets (some may be completely non-existant otherwise). We will discuss this and other details in our discord at a future date and time.

Redemption Token

Redemption Tokens

Certain transitioned members will receive one or more “Redemption Tokens”. These tokens represent a placeholder for an unadopted assets (cancelled) from our original line of Chibis. These generally apply to community inspired characters that have been blocklisted during the previous year. Newly inspired, and honorable mention assets are being introduced in the new standard.

Players who have 1 or more Redemption Tokens will be able to choose 1 or more of those assets (but never duplicates) as they are added to the in-game selection pool. That means you will be able to receive a comparable replacement for your cancelled asset of your own choice (instead of us just direct replacing it one for one at our behest). More on this in the future will be discussed in our discord as well.


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