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Chibis Global Update — 2021

“Tristan, we’re Home!!!” — The Great Philosopher to Prince Tristan

Welcome back, we missed you!

This long awaited moment has arrived, and we are stoked!! Both Prince Tristan and the great Philosopher come today bearing tidings of joy and abounding success. It has been quite the journey thus far, and it is only just the beginning of a decade long tale. We hope that you find today’s information plentiful and insightful, we sure do!

Before we delve further, let’s provide some background for any newcomers to the Chibi community. Many years ago, when Crypto Gaming began, several small projects popped up. One of these was a chibi project that eventually failed multiple attempts at becoming successful. Regardless a rather large community grew up around this phenomenon, and that is how Chibis Global came to be! CG is a community based project, we are not funded in any way other than what the community brings to the table, and thus — we live or die by that rule of thumb.

Chibis Global is the first iteration of a series of installments in the Chibi community for the crypto gaming world. CG will establish a core “origin” story of sorts for Chibis all over the world (and beyond!). It is our intent to bring both Kawaii culture to the crypto world, as well as wholesome gaming back to the gaming culture. As such we have a very strict community set of standards, reminiscent of the early days of online gaming. We do this to ensure all ages can enjoy and interact safely and properly while enjoy the stories of CG!

With no further adieu, let’s get on with it!!

Roadmap 2021

ROADMAP — 2021

For those familiar, our roadmap goals have fluctuated over the course of the last year for a variety of reasons. When launching such a promising, and successful product in a virulent, competitive environment dominated by hackers and corporations, it is no wonder we find ourselves under heavy fire. Regardless, the strength of the Chibis and our community has kept the project alive and vibrant so here we are to share with you our plans for the near future!

Chibi Multi-pass!
  1. Transition
    This is the information/phase everyone has been patiently waiting for. As briefly discussed in discord — we have determined a new home for our project. This means that all valid Chibi holders will be able to transition their Chibis Global assets to a new standard!!!
    This will be a “tiered” process, and handled manually to ensure quality, safety and accuracy of the transitional process. Further instructions will be provided on approximately July 1st, 2021. Valid Chibis Global asset holders will be provided with information on how to bridge their assets from the old standard into the new standard.
    This process will entail a verification cycle, thus reducing the likelihood of bad actors acting out against us and our community. It is an unfortunate thing, but the reality is, people use anonymity to do harm to others. Now, this isn’t to say that all types of verified persons can’t play — even anonymous accounts will be able to access our services, but at a reduced rate.
    A tier system will be part of the introduction when processing through the transition. Higher levels of trust through verification will enable greater birth of functions and features in Chibis Global. The more we have trust in you, the more you will be able to do on the front and backend of our game, and its peripherals. This has always been the way in MMO games, and is an important trust and safety factor to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience with our provided services.

2. Communication Services
Our communication services will be dynamic in comparison to previous iterations. Having been born of community action, rather than intense planning, we found ourselves in a bit of a canyon communicatively. Given our experience, and capabilities, this is unnecessary. As such, moving forward you will find unique communication platforms for use with Chibis Global.
We will initialize this process by fully archiving our previous communication channels (discord and telegram). A newly built and properly administered discord will serve as a center for operations of sorts. All announcements, and unique, relative information will be provided via these channels, so stay tuned. Those engaging with the verification/transition process will have priority access to these channels.

Chibis Global Discord will also ensure a high quality, safe place to communicate. Players of all ages can play Chibis Global, and thus not every channel will be available to those under the age of majority in their jurisdiction. Thus we will participate in the dynamics Discord provides to help organizations like us manage safe environments for persons of all ages.

For parents of minors and interested parties, here is a link to Discord Standards: All content not-related to Chibis Global will also be set to nsfw channels separating on topic and off topic chat.

3. Marketplace and Interoperability
As we built the transitional process, we determined the ability to engage in immediate marketability of the transitioned assets. It has been a common question, and one which we hope to answer more fully once the transitional phase concludes — that we will have a functional marketplace available for our members to freely trade without interruption, and we do.
We have established and determined a functional marketplace that will be instantly available upon receipt of the transitioned/bridged assets. We are sure that this is exciting news for many.
We also want to identify that although we will be arriving in a new space for our assets and project, that we will not be limited to a single chain. Chibis Global has always been planned and marketed as a crosschain project, independent of any authority or social dynamic that could potentially limit or harm us and our community. So feel safe and content that this is now in it’s next stage of progression.

4. Alpha Phase Initiation
One of the largest goals/benchmarks has been our Alpha Launch. With serious interruptions at a mega scale last year, we had to delay our Alpha until finding a new home, and ensuring the security of the project itself. With this being satisfactorily accomplished, we will be reinstating both developmental processes and re-approaching the Alpha Launch.
This is an exciting time, and keep in mind that other standards bring with them their own difficulties, so our Alpha Phase and Development cycles now take a bit longer than previously planned due to this. We are expecting all of 2021 to be an “Alpha” styled testing phase, with benchmarks throughout the year.

Those possessing Alpha Access Tokens will still be honored, and the levels of verification acquired through the transitional phase(s) will determine more or less when those tokens will be allowed to be exchanged for access throughout the year. This also applies to Beta Tokens, which if all goes well, will phase in around Christmas 2021/Jan 2022.

5. Account Management
Account management will be the first phase of Alpha Release. The transitional phase will begin the account management inception. Players will be able to setup their accounts and partake in both transition and verification procedures. We will NOT be using KYC at this time, as we feel only certain levels of verification are needed. However, if and when we launch certain products/projects that require KYC we reserve the right to engage as we see fit.
Verification processes will include (but not limited to); linking accounts with social media profiles, discord, and other products that will serve to ensure the safety and verifiability of users across the board. It is important to know that users who do not proceed through the basic stages of verification will have extreme account limitations and social media communication on all related Chibis Global platforms. We do this to encourage healthy and safe communications that are verifiably accurate.
Account management will largely cover areas of interest such as wallet management, coin acquisition, market and interoperability features. All accounts will be required to eventually be linked to an active wallet to be able to interact with out products and services. Just like the internet of things, there is a Chibis Global of things for our users to enhance your gaming experience and we hope to provide these things in a valuable and trustworthy way.

Dev Updates!!!

Developmental Updates 2021

2021 brings alot of boons with it, as well as many challenges that we consider opportunities for growth. The gaming industry has come along way since 2000 (and before), and so have we! With nearly 2 decades of experience, it is our continual hope to bring to you a game worthy of the next generation of games and the internet. With numerous hurdles and stumbling blocks overcome, we are excited to see what 2021 brings to Chibis Global and the community.

Before we delve into what’s new, lets cover some recurring matters. First and foremost — we want to reiterate that all Chibis Global assets of active accounts will be honored and will serve the same purpose as they were originally intended. In the updates below, we will also cover a new NFT standard function that further enhances your current and future assets.

(Accounts that are in good standing will be honored. Those who have repeatedly or grossly violated our community standards run the risk of being perma-banned. Meaning that bad actors and their assets will be non-transferable, and will not be recognized or useable in the new standard.)

  • To ensure the safety and chain of proper custody of assets, we are utilizing a snapshot of accounts referenced to a point in time in 2020 when we identified that these issues existed. As such we do not suggest trading or purchasing any assets until the transition period has concluded. We are not responsible for any lost assets, and are not required to honor any exchanged asset as we see fit.
  • This is to prevent bad actors from profiting from their actions and further harming the community. If community members in good standing have an asset that is not honored, submission processes for a manual review will be made available at a future date. We apologize in advance for any difficulties that may arise from this process, but it is necessary to ensure a safe and accurate transition.

Our development cycle is returning to a 2.5D approach. For the time being due to minimal staff access, we will be reverting to our original development designs. We had originally intended to develop a 2.5D “game board” which would represent the “overworld” of the Chibis Global environment. This would include sub tiles and fiefdoms as well as Chibiville. We retain the assets we purchased to develop in 3D but at this time, we feel it is best to present an operable system that is strictly 2.5D for the best gaming experience.

We mentioned a new NFT type standard, and plan to update our account and game system to reflect this. The concept of interoperability is truly ground breaking, however there are not enough game developers/in development to truly harness this feature — one feature which we believe is the game changer for all of crypto, not just gaming. As such, we will be incorporating a not-so new, new feature called “Account Activating” NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens).

Previous iterations of Chibi styled games, as well as many mmo’s suffered extreme design failures. In their attempt to incorporate interoperability by “baking” stats into their NFT’s, they effectively engendered power creep right into their own process. Due to the small, yet growing player base that crypto has — those baked assets took on a life of their own, quickly making games pay-to-win rather than engaging and community oriented.

1. aaNFT Standard

Thus, the birth of the aaNFT. Our assets will authorize accounts that hold the asset to be able to utilize it, while the account side of things will control the stats and development. This also doubles to allow us to be able to push out balancing updates without having to reissue thousands of assets. This means that scability is more easily addressed and provable scarcity receive an upgrade, while still maintaining a fair environment for all. We hope to retain and inspire players by keeping the battlefield fair and open, rather than seeing a tunneling effect with 1 or 2 assets becoming the “be all and end all.”

Account Activating NFTs (aaNFT) will authorize the holder, and only the holder to utilize said asset for a given period of time. We also reserve the right to limit account activations with cooldowns to prevent alt account maximization or community spamming of limited assets. Thus players holding can utilize their assets to the maximum extent, and if/when they feel the need to hand off or trade them, they can do so without fully upsetting the balance of the game. Account side stats will be maintained even if the asset is not currently present, so any progress you make with any given asset will be retained instead of transferred.

(extensive observation and research of similar games and genres show that other methods of account asset management eventually led to the failure of their product)

Further information regarding the development of aaNFTs will be produced in the near future.

Dispatch Loot System

2. Dispatch System

The dispatch system is a new system we have not yet discussed but has been in planning for some time. We’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone by implementing this system. First, it will be one of the initial playable modes. Without giving too much detail away, players will be able to “dispatch” some of their chibis and/or cohorts to go on time limited missions. These assets will be unusable for that period of time, ranging from 30 minutes to 18 hours or potentially longer.

This system will also likely be the first destination of our major approach to interoperability. Starting with legacy chibi assets from previous unrelated projects, players will be able to import these assets and engage with the dispatch system. This is one of several strategies we plan to implement to ensure our large community of previous players can transition into Chibis Global and unpack those old assets that never really got to be utilized as promised.

The Dispatch system will provide unique methods of acquiring rare and randomized loot mostly used for crafting, however as we develop it over time, other rewards will be included as well. Crafting is a key aspect of Chibis Global, and unlike most modern game designs, Chibis Global is a marathon not a sprint. Planning, gathering and executing long term and communally oriented goals is one of the key success values for a full Chibis Global experience. The dispatch system is intended to be a core player in this role.

3. Fiefdoms

Fiefdoms will continue to be developed and the original plan of disbursing ownerships, rights and build upons will continue to be developed. This will not necessarily be an initial developmental goal, however that can change very quickly.

Each Fiefdom is “governed” by its related element (earth, air, fire, water, metal) and as such enemies, allies and unknowns will generally follow these themes per dominion. Players will only be able to access one fiefdom during any given monthly cycle, so choose wisely. Rewards, storyboards, and unique missions will apply to each fiefdom respectfully, in that whats happening in one fiefdom will generally be drastically different than its counterparts.

Fiefdoms play an integral role in the story of the Chibis and their quest to reclaim their realm from the forces of Entropy. Initially Chibis will not be able to access fiefdoms — access must first be acquired and will not be a solo enterprise. This is why guilds and communication tools will be so important. Given that crafting is a valued commodity in CG, access to the fiefdoms is a desirable feat that will enhance the gear acquisition and crafting process, so should be considered a priority when plausible.

Fiefdom Guardian

Each fiefdom as previously expressed will have guardian gate guards to prevent any chibi from passively accessing the respective fiefdom. Each fiefdom once unlocked, will have a series of opponents and oppositional forces to make it difficult to say the least for the Chibis to reach the core stations that control each fiefdom. Bosses and even megabosses exist with specific criteria for unlocking and eventually battling these extraordinary opponents.

World Map System

4. World Map

The world will transition in a turn based system, with time delimitors. Traversing the overworld of the Chibi Realm will take a large amount of time, and resources. We hope that adventurous and courageous chibi players will find their exploration of the overworld and all it has to offer to be a fun and pleasing experience.

Each world tile will take a period of time to get to. Once on a tile, the chibi unit will have a cooldown before it can mobilize to a neighboring tile. During this cooldown time, chibi teams can explore the tile to see what treasures and opportunities it has to offer. Generally, this is where the bulk of treasure and enemies can be found, but unique experiences and allies can also be found rarely when exploring these tiles.

5. Game Systems

As mentioned previously the dispatch and world map systems will be the initial inclusions for gameplay mechanics. Additionally, we will have the following modules for the game in the early testing phases:

  • Tower Defense Mode: Players will have to defend their HQ from oppositional forces. Players will also get to assault enemy HQs in the hopes of fame and fortune.
  • Story Mode: This will feature most of the core game experience. While exploring areas such as Chibiville, players will get to interact with the world around them, especially by NPC (non-player character) interaction. Tutorial mode, story mode and quest mode are all planned to be implemented using this function.
  • Exploration Mode: Chibis exploring the greater world outside Chibiville will be in explorer mode. This is where you will interact with the World Map and sub tile systems. Most commonly in this mode is where the general combat module will be expressed, while fighting the onslaught of minions that Entropy has sent to stop the chibis from taking back their homeland. Additional modes here include resource gathering (mining, herb gathering, etc). At times, unique story modes may be found in the wild. Story Mode may also send you on quests that require exploration.
  • Combat Mode: The bread and butter of roleplaying games, and chibis is no exception. Chibis will have a micro management system accessible from the HQ base, and can be deployed in teams of up to 5 chibis per team. Chibis fulfill varying roles and have unique skill trees that make each team custom designed — it is our desire to ensure no cookie cutter builds will dominate our environment. Each player will strive to make the best design decisions when building their Chibis as they earn experience. (Coordinating with other players/guilds will be key when taking on high level content.)

6. Player Incentives
We have a series of systems currently in development that seek to incentivize and reward loyal players. Our highlight is our Badges system, a competitive system where players can rush to achieve certain objectives and be recognized for doing so. We also find that providing daily, weekly, monthly and annual login bonuses, account age bonuses and other similar reward systems increase player morale and empower players by rewarding them for their time and dedication.

Throughout the years these systems tend to be observed as the best way to not just attract players, but retain them. When we foster a sense of thanksgiving and mix it with incentives, players continually come back, and value their own time to ensure they acquire these unique bonuses. It also helps to keep the community on track. Rewards that match current or future needs can be implemented easily, allowing us to overcome any short sight in development.

7. Introduction of new opponents and allies

One of the traditional approaches we have with Chibis Global is to utilize the correlations between the real world and the game to encourage thought in regards to matters such as moral relativity, objective vs subjectives and even temporal versus eternal truths. With the battle of good vs evil being obvious, the chibis must strive against Entropy to regain their homeland. However, is Entropy truly the enemy, or is it something much deeper? This is one of the reasons why the great Philosopher arose to help guide the chibis on their quest.

In previous articles we’ve referenced many cultural themes and inspirations. One such theme is one that we would like to continually remind our readers about and is such a core to all gamers: The story behind Mario Brothers. Unbeknowest to Mario, Bowser is more than just a nasty dinosaur, he is also a magician of sorts. Unbeknownst to Mario, all those mushroom heads and turtles he is stomping, is actually his neighbors and fellow villagers! This is a very disturbing reality, but one that constantly plays through thruth even in todays world, heck we even saw it ourselves in the last episode of social media breaches.

With that being said, during the course of their journey, the Chibis will encounter a super villain of sorts. Though not immediately accessible, this villain is the brains behind much of the entropic operations. The method of turning chibis into Wax is rumored to have been thunk up by this very super villain, and the minions of Mr. Fud all sing songs of praise to his wily ways.

Introducing Dr. Monarch!

Dr. Monarch, Chibi Super-Villain

Dr. Monarch is rumored to have a super villain grade secret laboratory hidden somewhere within one of the Fiefdoms. Only the worst kind of experiments could happen in a place that turns Chibis into Wax….

Only the bravest and most powerful Chibis should even consider seeking out such a notorious individual. The likelihood of ever seeing daylight again is least likely. Chibis should be wary of the machinations of this rumored super villain. Waxing a chibi is just one of the many possible tools in this guy’s toolbox and he is surely equipped to handle any opposition to his research and development.

Luckily the Chibis are not without their own special advancements. If the Chibis are astute enough to find an ally that can “Rise above it all”, they may find the very answer to the woes of Monarch. We will introduce our first chibi hero, but we will save the information for you to discover while exploring chibis global! Here is a sneak peak of our astute Riser:

Rising above it all!

As you can see, this hero can definitely rise above many things. In fact, it has been a chibi tradition to have mini games, and this here unit will unlock the very first mini game within Chibis Global.

This will not be available to everyone intially, but rather requires the completion of a series of events and acquisition of special items to unlock.

Community Based opportunities and marketing/advertising

Before continuing, we would like to take a moment and reflect on the past year. Alot of wonderful things have come to pass, but they were not without their drawbacks. We want to reach out to each and everyone that has supported us and this project and thank you for your kind words, encouragement and dedication to the mission that is Chibis Global.

Chibis Global prides itself upon being a community based, community first project. It has been one heck of a roller coaster, and we are just beginning. It has been and continues to be important to us to have community input and support community based volunteer roles. Our initial team of Hype Squadders were astronomical. The promotions, social engagement and overall unique initiatives to get Chibis Global noticed was par none and could never be replicated. We hope to duplicate this process and continue to offer community roles as they become available for those who wish to be a part of the journey of Chibis Global.

As such, the following initiatives will either be continued, or be newly implemented over the course of the next several months. We can all agree that somehow the marketing techniques applied to Chibis Global accomplished extraordinary results, and we wish to keep that momentum, but also encourage and maintain higher levels of trust and verification.


This is the question we have all been secretly waiting for. One of the key successes to CG has been its unique Airdrop mechanic. This will continue (yay!) into the coming years, and previously bountiful Chibis will once again become santa clauses of their own. We first have to engage with the various developmental cycles, as the airdrop mechanic will affect all holders, and be managed through our account management system.

As we progress in developing our interoperability, airdrops will become ever more increasingly difficult to manage, thus the account management side of things will serve to greatly reduce the stress this will put on management.


Speaking of — Interoperability is the “bee’s knees” of crypto and NFTs. This is what separates us from the rest of the flock of gaming, and is why crypto projects are seen as such immense threats to the current gaming market. It serves to fully disrupt the industry and reshape how everything operates. We here at CG are not new to interoperability, we were part of the team that designed the very first interoperability bridge on ethereum, allowing NFTs to be used from other games in our game.

Interoperability will be a major function of Chibis Global and will also serve to help “onramp” people from fiat world to crypto world. NFTs from “anywhere” can technically be accepted and modulated into a matching game asset. We have already discussed utilizing previous chibi products (NFTs) in our dispatch system, and the usage of aaNFTs to further this along as well.

Many failed RPG projects exist in the legacy crypto world (2015–2020) and it would behoove us to motivate those holders to find a way to reawaken their nft’s and use them in a functional active game service. This is a major focus of our development over the next 1.5 years. If you have any specific projects, nft’s or communities that you feel would greatly benefit from this service, please do not hesitate to reach out to us (and them) so we can make considerations.

We will be mobilizing assets from projects such as Splinterlands (formerly known as Steemmonsters), CryptoSaga, Mythereum, Embersword, Cryptokitties, Axies, MCH, and several more across several chains. It is exciting to see how crypto games and dapps have developed over the years, but we still feel that the space has not yet matured. We feel that the core issue is a lack of game designers — there is plenty of crypto coders, but those with game design ability are rare amongst the dapp space, which is where we seek to excel.

Interoperability provides an endless amount of opportunities, and ones which will truly “free” players from the current fiat gaming industry. Fiat gaming giants have expressed their discontent with the potential of dapps and nfts taking over the space, and have actively sent in bad actors to disrupt potentially successful projects. Previous chibi and similar projects are already victims of such corporate espionage, and we can only hope that gamers will one day unite and fight the “monarchy” of gaming giants for a better tomorrow.



It’s such a “dirty” word these day, but magical in the same sense. Ex Nihilo (out of nothing, something) tokenomics is truly a modern day marvel. Economics is such a key feature in every day life and even the history of mankind itself. Given the MMO nature of our project, it is no secret that a player based economy will always develop. It is our hopes to provide unique methods and tools for players to earn and trade amongst themselves.

Chibi Wax Stash

With the transition to the new standard, we will immediately have the ability to launch our own side-chain(s) and tokens that can be used for a variety of things, such as in-game currency. (We are highly considering turning Chibi Wax into a full blown token, so hold onto those Chibi Wax!) We have several developmental priorities before launching the project, however this will arrive on our to-do list and will be implemented in some fashion in the coming year.

For those who have been following the project, this is big news in and of itself, and was not expected to be incorporated for several years at the very least. Every change has its pros and cons, this being a major pro of the new standard. We are looking forward to finding unique and interesting ways to incorporate Tokenomics into Chibis Global. We are also open to community based suggestions, so when you arrive at the newly founded discord, feel free to suggest/discuss possible tokenomic strategies that we could review.

In conclusion — it has been quite the ride, and its not over yet! We here at CG are looking forward to a bountiful and successful release year and hope that we meet and exceed the needs / expectations of our communities. We are doing our best to build you a quality project, that’s our philosophy: quality > quantity! Your support means everything to us, and although we have met with great resistance, our experience, hope and most importantly community has kept Chibis Global and its design alive. Thank you, one and all — and please keep an eye out for upcoming announcements for how to proceed.

Yours Truly,

The Great Philosopher





The Chibiverse welcomes various Chibi oriented publications, games, dapps and more to its universe. Our first project is “Chibis Global” a cross-platform, crosschain cryptogame!

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