5 Trends that need to die

…because everyone is exhausted!

Every decade or so we have a few trends creeping up that make us want to bang our head against the wall. They just don’t seem to go away despite our sincere efforts. Many of them could be attributed to the generation gap. And some of them have always existed, passed down from generation to generation. However, there are others that are born in our times and yet tend to be horrifying to us contemporaries. Below are the top 5 trends of this generation that almost definitely needs to be done with.

  1. Irrelevant updates: I do not want to know if you are stuck in traffic or are late for work. Maybe you could have made it on time if you weren’t posting updates on Instagram or Twitter. I couldn’t care less if you are extremely depressed on Facebook. Please inbox me and I will give you efficient methods to kill yourself. But, please spare me from the pain of having to read your innermost feelings on my wall. If you really want to talk, call someone. Don’t look for a pity party. (Read: Social Media and driving don’t mix)

2. Flashing underwear: I promise you, I will not be impressed by seeing a Giorgio Armani or Jockey elastic protruding from under your needlessly-low waist denims. It is uncouth and uncultured. If you haven’t been taught at a young age, please know now: It is very disrespectful to flash your underwear onto someone’s face, unless requested for. You are also not welcome when you flash your butt-crack every time you bend down. Oh! The nightmares!

3. Getting drunk/ stoned is cool: Again, I cannot stress enough; losing one’s sense of self control is very distasteful. More so when these binges are followed by bouts of throwing up and losing one’s clothing. As far as alcohol is concerned, you should educate yourself about the taste, make and purpose of the different kinds available. And, a person can definitely be entertaining and honest when they haven’t lost their senses. It isn’t the be all and end all of a “party”. Getting sloshed once in a while is a welcome change, but not at every possible chance you get.

4. Relationship/ Marriage/ Honeymoon/ Baby Pics: No no no no no no! I beg of you. A few pics displaying your love and affection is certainly understandable. Updating a Facebook album with 850 pictures! Why would someone want to see so many pictures? I can still go along with the marriage pictures. But honeymoon pictures? Is that your purpose for going on a honeymoon? Oh and before I forget, all babies are cute and cuddly and adorable and beautiful. Period! A whole album full of similar looking pictures of a single baby? Why don’t you save it for a private album at home?

5. Ill- informed Feminism: Please read up on feminism before you blab about being an Equalist or Feminist. Making derogatory comments on men and misandry is not feminism. Protecting women is not feminism. Women shouldn’t be in a situation that gives rise to security concerns. When you talk about heralding women and use the names of female reproductive organs as a term for abuse or even casual fun, you are no longer a feminist.

Rather than inculcating values and encouraging talent from a young age for children, we are teaching them to grow up into ignorant and egotistical animals. We teach them to run a rate race instead of promoting their individuality and distinctive personality. We are developing a breeding ground for rich fools to run the world in the future years to come.

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