Thesis / purpose

This is to be the blog for a project of mine that is currently being formulated as an educational site that will also soon have a podcast attached. I want to bring the people of Chicago front and center to talk about what they are doing with their lives.

This project will revolve around the nexus of business, entrepreneurship, and technology. (spoiler) This is what I am currently striving for here in our fair city. I am currently focusing on my education and retooling my skills to operate in the tech sector. Of which I plan on doing more here but, who knows where it may take me.

Now for those of you who feel that this may be too audacious or broad. I say nay. With a background in history and psychology, I can tell you that by documenting the human experience, this can lead to many stories of what our era is about. And what we as a generation value, here, in the early 21st century.

“Remember that everything before this moment, is history.” ~N.A. Rosas

So I implore you to please check back every so often as I will be updating and posting on a regular basis. Plus if you happen to be in the Chicago Metro, drop me a line through the email for this publication and I can get back to you. The sooner the better as my schedule is constantly changing. And why wait to create something that could help others?

Let’s create NOW.

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