What CV Founders Say

Hear from the founders we’ve funded who others called un-scalable, small TAM, and unproven.

Chicago Ventures
Chicago Ventures


project44 | Jett McCandless, CEO and Founder

It’s a badge of honor having Stuart on the cap table.

CV is the perfect early investor. You were excited and aggressive. You were the forward thinker, the outlier. You’re there when we need it: you’re actually founder friendly when every other firm is lip service.

Chicago Ventures has been an epic partner to p44!

Cameo | Steven Galanis, CEO and Founder

CV’s deep operating experience has been hugely helpful from the early days at Cameo. They know how to guide high-level strategic thinking and how to get into the nitty gritty.

They’ve been a fantastic partner since the pre-seed.

NOCD | Stephen Smith, CEO and Founder

Peter is the perfect person for a board. He makes sure you’re in the right amount of contact. He’s supportive. If you need help, he’s available at any hour. He communicates in a way that’s friendly, but professional. First class across the board, he’s been A+.

G2 | Godard Abel, CEO and Founder

I honestly think you are the best early stage investor I’ve worked with. A lot of what you’ve done over the years stands out, all the community stuff you guys do.

Thank you to the CV team in helping us build G2 from the ground up 🙏

data.world | Brett Hurt, CEO and Founder

You’ve been very proactive in helping us. You aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves. I’m not used to getting that level of help from most VCs. CV is just genuinely good people. I love the down to earth feeling of CV. You guys are humble.

Presenting at one of your events led to one of our largest customer relationships.

True story — Chicago Ventures were the first ever investors in data.world (outside of my two children, honestly no joke!). Thanks for much for all of your support since the beginning, team Chicago Ventures!

OneRail | Bill Catania, CEO and Founder

We greatly value our partnership with the whole team at Chicago Ventures, your help has extended far beyond capital.

CognitOps | Alex Ramirez, CEO and Founder

CV is aligned with founders wanting to define a legacy business. You have patience, and grittiness. As a founder you want to be proud of the people working with you. I’m proud of having CV on my side.

Andros | Mike Simmons, CEO and Founder

(CV is) some of the earliest supporters of andros and so many other great companies and founders.

Ureeka | Melissa Bradley, CEO and Founder

Lindsay’s our guardian angel. She’s been one of our biggest advocates, making dozens of customer and partner introductions, helping with talent, and being our go-to when we need a hand. We so appreciate her.

GetSet | Karan Goel, Founder and CEO

There’s a tremendous amount of programming for entrepreneurs. It’s mostly very well intentioned but it’s often hard to cut through the noise.

I’m thankful to have amazing, supportive investors like Chicago Ventures who don’t put on an event for the sake of checking boxes and continually improve programming. Yesterday’s CEO Summit nailed it. Insightful. No b.s. Humble and brilliant speakers. Gret connections made. Thank you for curating such a high ROI event and to all my inspiring fellow portfolio CEOs who are always helping GetSet Learning create greater impact.

Mimir | Prahasith Veluvolu, CEO and Founder

I’ve learned more about entrepreneurship in the last four days than years of college course thanks to Chicago Ventures & Thiel Fellowship.



Chicago Ventures
Chicago Ventures

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