Does the Wicker Park Dog Park Need a Makeover?

The Wicker Park Dog Park, February 2014 file photo [Block Club Chi/Alisa Hauser]

WICKER PARK — The volunteer-run Wicker Park Advisory Council wants public feedback on how to improve the dog park in the neighborhood’s namesake park.

Take the survey here.

Doug Wood, events coordinator, says the survey aims to get feedback on which features are most important to users of the park (or rather dog owners, since we can’t read dog’s minds - yet).

The survey results will be compiled and used to try to raise money from the community to renovate the park.

Located at 1425 N. Damen Ave., on the far southern end of the park, the dog park attracts hundreds of people and their dogs daily in the summer months. Even in freezing weather it’s still a popular spot for pooches and their owners.

For more info, visit the advisory council’s Facebook page.

Stella, a pug, plays in a pool inside the Wicker Park Dog Park during warmer weather, while Soy, a German Shephard, chills at the same park on a freezing winter morning. File photo/Alisa Hauser.