Maintaining your schema can be a nightmare — Nik

Did you know that update your own schema needs to be done with timestamp to create a new schema… This gives a lot of food for thought, if you think about life, and that everytime you want to update your schema, you need a timestamp on it… It will certainly make me think more thoughtfully what I want to do with my schema and where and how do I apply my timestamp…

Here we go, now on week #05, halfway has passed and the Wagon keeps riding full speed. The thoughts of the ending of the journey are already popping, people are thinking what will they do with their lives next. Right now all I can think of is that I want to grab this knowledge with both hands and make it mine!

Gem install faker

Imagine you can bring magic bits into your life and fake some of the hardest things… there’s a gem for anything you can dream of, you just need to know of their existence.

Le Wagon week #05 — students pitch their ideas for the projects they will build in collaboration

On this week we learned about HTML, CSS on steroids: SASS, Javascript and even Ajax, which some of us loved as it gives your information on the page without having to render, and that’s really useful nowadays when no one can wait for a few milliseconds before getting bored of waiting for more novelty.

Errors can be intimidating — often times, early developers glance at errors and try to guess

The urge of getting to learn how to write your own version of the code, can come on the way for a smooth learning experience. Interesting enough the more we stay with the errors the better we understand what code are we trying to make use of.

Stopping your life flow, for 9 weeks, injecting on it a full 10hours intense work per day, diving into something completely new for you, can be both overwhelming and exciting. Is definitely a soul journey, mostly because you need to stick with the plan if you want to take the best out of it, making you completely focus and dedicated to this one wild animal you are trying to tame. I am loving the challenge, even if this animal is far from being mine as well.

Happy coder — Le Wagon week #05 — getting his code right
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