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Content Creators & Artists in the P2E industry

NFTs have been around for a long time and proved multiple times that it is here to stay. It almost has the power to democratise wealth and does offer a new way to make a decent revenue stream.

The core idea of owning your own asset is what runs NFTs and blockchains majorly. NFTs are digital tokens sustained on the blockchain. NFTs enable content creators and artists to register their work on the blockchain, which makes them unique.

The future of NFTs will be interesting since more power will be given to content creators and artists for its development. Gaming is counted as an “experience” nowadays, so the minimum bar for a game is set high compared to previous years. Combine this with the ability to earn while playing the game, and you can sure understand what is required to make a P2E game.

How do you earn by playing P2E games?

P2E games fall under the category of GameFi, i.e., gaming and finance.

With NFTs ( rare, unique, and individuality ) and crypto-currency providing gamers with proof of ownership, P2E sure has changed the meta significantly. These NFTs and unlockables can then be exchanged and can be bought/sold on that particular blockchain.

With financial incentives to play and advance further into the game, rewards come in abundance. Earning an income can be done in four ways.

  1. Completing in-game daily quests
  2. Unlocking more rare items by advancing further into the game or making your own.
  3. Battling other players or otherwise known as PvP (Player vs Player).
  4. Trading in-game items on the blockchain for a higher dollar.

Staking is also another way in which you can lock up your NFTs or cryptocurrencies and hold them like a stock for trading purposes in the future.

NFTs, metaverse, and P2E games will coexist throughout the future and artists will be the powerhouse driving them. The developments and the new aspects of the metaverse, NFTs, and P2E Games will be unlocked due to artists. Let’s see why artists can have so much of an impact on P2E games.

Artists will power a diverse metaverse.

Artists are going to power the metaverse in a major way. With NFTs and Metaverse being a medium for creators and artists to make decent money, artists and VFX people are required now more than ever.

With unlimited potential, a lot of interesting projects are coming up and will come up in the future. Very diverse, very colorful, different unique ideas, and loads of different prospective projects are on the horizon.

Major brands want in on the NFT and metaverse action. So the possibility of visiting an Apple or a Nike store is very much real. So brands need artists to run these digital assets and creations to make their mark on the metaverse.

With future developments, hopefully, more diversity takes place and more artists are getting a piece of their pie. Daz 3D, a 3D software character creator, minted 8,888 character models called the Non-Fungible People NFTs! Including more diversity and improvements in their art, the projects coming up sure are extraordinary.

VFX artists are needed for the metaverse

Just as Photoshop enabled artists to go digital, Companies will enable artists to create for the metaverse. With multiple ways to showcase their talents, VFX artists are in the best spot to make the most of their skills.

More NFTs are minted and new uses are made as we speak. It is now easier for artists with a background in VFX to make it now than ever. With backgrounds in 3D modelling , simulations, AI, and other skills, the industry as a whole will skyrocket in demand. P2E games, NFTs, and metaverse will be a great training ground.

3D software such as Blender is free and apps like Modo, and Houdini are more accessible than ever before. If you have these skills then metaverse is your playground to explore those!

Artists can foster communities

Artists and creators already have a built-in audience that companies can take advantage of. People as a community require a reason to follow through and artists can provide the reason. With multiple updates and rollouts, P2E games need artists to cater to the needs and requirements of their users.

The vision for which an update or how the world gets created can only be brought to reality by artists. Currently, due to social media, people actually get a behind-the-scenes view of what is happening before the product comes out.

For example, in Fortnite, the game gets updated every month in order to capture the player. When Spider-man: No way home dropped, Fortnite released a new skin showcasing spiderman and made changes to the map.

To lock in on the trends as well as cater to the requirements of players and users, P2E games, NFTs, and the metaverse need more artists now than ever.

Funding gets a new wave

With the power to disrupt the production unit as a whole, P2E games can now be funded easily with the help of NFTs and artists. Artists and creators who do not want to rely on an external source of funding can make their own games. Self-funding has never been easier. This enables a degree of ownership and accountability for creators and audiences alike.

Why do P2E games need artists?

Artists are finally getting a proper way to be recognized and monetized for their work as well. Artists and visual effects people are required now more than ever to meet the ever-growing demand for the industry.

Here’s where it gets interesting, P2E games need more artists for the development of their games. Why? Artists are tapped into the market and have enough design knowledge on what does well and what doesn’t. So when it comes to the overall design of the game, there wouldn’t be any compromise. Secondly, artists who have enough influence on social media end up having potential collaboration. For example, an artist can collaborate on the Sandbox metaverse to create an exclusive NFT. This can amass players and generate new potential players as well.

Recently, Snoop Dogg collaborated with the Sandbox metaverse. Snoop created his own world in the Sandbox metaverse, allowing fans to come and enjoy his music and explore the possibilities.

With more artists’ collaboration comes more users. So artists are going to play a significant role in the P2E games as well as the metaverse!

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