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Gamepay’s AMA with GPO Siva

Gamepay recently hosted an exclusive AMA session with its Gaming Product Owner, Siva, on Twitter Spaces which was hosted by Gamepay’s Marketing Manager, Tasha. During the AMA session, Siva spoke about Chickey Chik, Gamepay’s inaugural Free to Play, Play to Earn NFT game that is going to launch soon.

He shared details on the gameplay of Chickey Chik and how it takes its inspiration from various prominent existing games yet provides a very unique added advantage of bringing the element of fun into P2E gaming.

Siva also announced the breeding mechanism that one can expect in Chickey Chik and shared exclusive details on Chiky NFTs and how to use them in the game once it’s launched.

The AMA also saw some of the community members join in to ask questions, thereby making the session a very interactive one.

If you would like to know the details of the AMA, then click here and relive the moments.

About us:

Chickey Chik is a Free-to-Play Play-to-Earn multi-language NFT-and DeFi-based game powered by Gamepay that enables anybody of any age to play and earn an income.

You can also start buying NFTs from Gamepay’s Marketplace by registering using your Mail/Wallet TODAY !!

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