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Here is how you can earn by playing P2E games

In the days of being holed up in your room, where you were hooked on and drowning in screen time and video gaming, you may remember being told to quit wasting time and utilize it for something useful, or at the very least, get a job. Thanks to blockchain technology, you may now have the best of both worlds.

The gaming sector was estimated to be worth more than $300 billion in 2021, surpassing the combined markets for music and cinema.

The interest and further immersion in the gaming world deepened with the advent of the pandemic. The world was confined indoors with extra time on its hands. In fact, during this time, 62 percent of adults in the UK played some sort of video game.

The growing popularity of gaming seems to present many with the ideal opportunity to finally make a living doing what they enjoy. Play-to-earn games offer this opportunity.

Play-to-earn games/GameFi is a blending of the industries of games and finance. It alludes to blockchain games that allow users to make money in various ways. The GameFi ecosystem builds a virtual game world for the ideal monetizable gaming experience using cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain technology.

With blockchain marketplaces, gamers may purchase and trade rare items, earn awards with real value, and more. They can also truly own the in-game assets they use.

Under the P2E model, gamers can use cryptocurrency to make money by playing games or providing services in the gaming industry. With the help of this innovative, community-driven business model, players may work more freely with game developers to enhance the game.

In contrast to traditional video games, crypto gaming allows players to possess in-game assets and convert them into fiat currency, trade them for other cryptocurrencies, or, in addition to NFTs, join a liquidity pool, which is a coin that is stored in a smart contract and will later be utilised to generate liquidity for transactions. The players receive value via play-to-earn games. Play-to-earn games allow players to purchase and transfer in-game assets outside of the game’s virtual world thanks to their decentralized nature, which makes them different from traditional games.

In our experience, one of the good games you can venture into is Chickey Chik that is going to launch soon. An NFT and DeFi-based game to be made available on the Blockchain-powered Gamepay platform. Given that the game offers a free-to-play environment, players of any age can play to earn money. The suggested gameplay enables users to gather, breed, and build an empire full of uncommon Chickey Chiks known as CHIKYs and establish a long-lasting community. Players will be able to digitally transform and market their CHIKYs and a variety of other in-game items using NFTs.

A play-to-earn game’s model offers a variety of ways to profit:

Earning the in-game currency

Most blockchain games have an in-game currency that can be redeemed for real money or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

There is a dual-token model in games like Chickey Chik: The in-game token (CHIKY), whose utility is organically tied to use within the game, and the governance token (SILK), which represents voting power and can also be “cashed out” into liquid external crypto assets.


Breeding is a different technique to generate passive income in blockchain games. It refers to minting a new token to be put into circulation in the game.

Players in Chickey Chik, for instance, can build more NFTs. A single Chiky can breed 7 times. Players can breed Chiks with various combinations and produce a whole new breed of Chiks, which they can sell in the marketplace for a profit.

Minting new items

Minting new things in blockchain games offers a variety of revenue streams.

The minting of NFTs is one of the most engaging elements of games like Chickey Chik for players. Players can cross different Chiky combinations to create entirely new Chiky breeds. To produce new Chikys, players can breed two Chikys. Chiky’s progeny first appears as an egg, which develops into an adult after some time.

Users can also upload their photographs and make free 3D NFTs using Gamepay’s Utopian platform. Additionally, participants in upcoming games may use these NFTs as resources.

Collecting & Speculating

In some games, such as Chickey Chik, you do not need to wait for the game to start to breed Chikys. Instead, you can start earning early by collecting and speculating on rare Chikys such as those on sale in the NFT Pre-Sales.


In blockchain games, scholarships are a fancy way of saying “rent out characters for profit.” In scholarship guilds, managers and players are usually present (scholars). The NFTs are technically the manager’s property, but the scholars utilise them to play the game. Members of the guild share in the rewards.

There are guilds created to support scholarship initiatives. A guild is a collection of gamers who band together to play video games and divide the winnings.


Staking is a passive income strategy. Your tokens are staked in order to gain benefits. It indicates that you are making them accessible to other users for trade. When an epoch, or the amount of time a token is locked away, expires, you receive incentives, usually transaction fees.

Players in Chickey Chik can use the NFTs they’ve bought to play games and earn money by battling, breeding, and staking. Players can give their stuff to the gaming community — either their in-game buddies or the community at large — by using item staking. The owner then has the option to rent it out or use it at their discretion once the community members have paid “rent” or shared rewards for a predetermined period.

NFT trading

Buying and selling NFTs is referred to as trading them. Although it may seem as simple as “buy low, sell high,” this strategy for making money in blockchain gaming involves patience, study, and even a sizeable upfront commitment. Many players are prepared to pay to obtain the items they need to advance in a game since NFTs are essential in crypto games.

Events and Tournaments

Some MMO games offer exceptional possibilities for players to gain rewards for participating in special events and tournaments.

Referral Programs

Games such as Chickey Chik allow you to earn a 20% commission in USDT when you invite your friends through a referral link and they purchase Chickey Chik NFTs. This is a great way to earn some extra money and build a community that you can share with your friends.

To sum up

The learning curve for blockchain gaming can be steep, but so is the learning curve for traditional gaming. The advantage of many cryptocurrency games is that they are free to play, necessitating no initial outlay of funds.

P2E games provide players a chance to win real money by using in-game resources. Players in a play-to-earn game improve the game as well as themselves. Ownership of in-game assets by players and financial gain for the game’s creators are converted into tangible, real-world value.

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Chickey Chik is a Free-to-Play Play-to-Earn multi-language NFT-and DeFi-based game powered by Gamepay that enables anybody of any age to play and earn an income.

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