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How can Chickey Chik players make money?

Singapore’s Gamepay has gotten the world talking thanks to its fully open, customizable, end-to-end NFT marketplace and stellar ecosystem that houses P2E games and art utilities. This game creation platform allows anyone to self-sustain and grow by monetizing, trading, and exchanging digital assets in the digital world in the new Metaverse.

In line with its Co-founder, Daniel Santos, who truly believes a “DeFi-based gaming platform will transform the role of gamers from consumers to stakeholders of the game,” Gamepay has its inaugural P2E game, Chickey Chik, ready to unveil itself in the near future.

Chickey Chik will be the first NFT and DeFi-based game to be released on the Gamepay platform powered by Blockchain technology. It’s a “Free to Play, Play to Earn” game, enabling anyone of any age to play and make money.

Leading up to its NFT presale, Chickey Chik has opened up registrations for its NFT whitelisting opportunity, which has been receiving quite a positive response globally.

As people are gearing up to engage themselves in this new-age P2E game, we are here to answer a fundamental question. How can Chickey Chik Players make money?

Here are some ways in which Chickey Chik opens the portal of cash flow into the lives of its players:

1) As you might have guessed by now, the ecosystem of Chickey Chik is centered around cute and fierce CHIKYs. Hence, players can earn a fortune by breeding CHIKYs and selling the newly bred offspring in the marketplace. How would that be done, you ask? This is made possible because all the CHIKYs are NFTs!

2) Not only the CHIKYs but various other in-game assets in the Chickeyverse are also NFTs and players can earn a lot by collecting and selling Chickey Chik items on the marketplace.

3) You need not wait for the game to start in order to breed CHIKYs. Players can start earning early by collecting and speculating on rare CHIKYs such as those being sold in the NFT Pre-sales. To get early access to the NFT presales, be sure to get yourself whitelisted.

4) In the Chickey Chik universe, there are two tokens. Read this article to know what they are. Players can earn CHIKY tokens by playing, farming, or renting. CHIKY tokens are needed to breed Chickey Chiks. These CHIKY tokens can be traded on exchanges.

5) Players can earn SILK (governance) tokens by playing quests and staking. With a total supply of 500 million SILK tokens, this represents a real slice of the game universe as the SILK token has governance rights and fee-sharing built into it. Since players can earn this SILK token

by playing a quest, players can actually earn part of the universe by playing. These quests are not the winner-takes-all type, instead, they reward each player based on their effort and skill.

6) After the launch of the game, another effective way to make money is by playing PVE (player vs environment), as the player has a chance to earn CHIKY tokens when he/she clears a PVE stage. However, it is to be noted that there is a daily limit on the number of CHIKY tokens a player can earn this way.

7) Players can make a fortune by competing in PVP (player vs player) battles to win leaderboard prizes.

8) Another way to make money is through staking NFTs and tokens. The owners of Chickey Chik characters can stake their CHIKYs to generate a return. Staking is another way for players/owners to lend their assets (CHIKY NFTs or tokens) back into the system.

9) Luck can always take you a long way, and players can earn extra cash by winning lucky egg rewards.

10) Lending CHIKY characters to other players is also an effective way to make money.

Now that you are aware of the multiple ways to earn money through Chickey Chik, this is your call to register yourself into its’ NFT Whitelist and earn early rewards.

All you need to do is click on this link and register using your Name, Email ID, and phone number. You shall be intimated when the NFT Presales begin via Email and stand a chance to reap the benefits of the Chickey Chik’s NFT Whitelist.

About us :

Chickey Chik is a multi-language NFT-and DeFi-based gaming platform that enables anybody of any age to play and earn an income.

Right before the launch of this fantastic game, we have an NFT pre-sales coming up, and here is why you shouldn’t miss it !!

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and subscribe now !! You can also start exploring Gamepay’s Marketplace and register via Mail/Wallet TODAY !!

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