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NFTs and Movies- A bright future ahead

With the turn of the millennium, there was great apprehension about the authenticity and effectiveness of the introduction of the internet into movies. But among the skeptics, a business went public, wagering that the internet would completely transform the entertainment sector. This company was Netflix.

Fast forward to 2022, there is now a new technology that holds the same promise and potential. In terms of this technology’s potential, we are still only scratching the surface. Web 3.0 can address several issues that producers, investors, distributors, and sales representatives confront using cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, and NFTs. It might completely alter how media is produced, distributed, and funded.

The NFT is the gateway to Web3. The non-fungible token has begun to demonstrate its value. In the entertainment industry, NFTs allow creators new opportunities to engage with their audiences, generate funds, open up new distribution windows, and then use all of this as a proof of concept to market their films and television programmes. Digital art is only one component of an NFT. It is a tool that will build the future version of the internet, an online ecosystem where tokens stand in for both real-world and virtual objects.

Fans have a genuine stake in NFT because it is a true asset with real ownership. Firms might be able to quickly and openly track the flow of money into and out of a project by utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts throughout the manufacturing and distribution process.

Several NFT ventures are currently offering a new method of financing movies to a worldwide audience and enabling its holders to receive a fair portion of the box office receipts.

At Cannes 2022, conferences, parties, and events sponsored by cryptocurrencies and NFT were everywhere. Even the cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX was the main sponsor of the Cannes amfAR Gala on May 26.

Blockchain and NFT technology can be utilised to create complete digital ecosystems, including decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs, where all decisions are voted on by the users/owners of the organization and then carried out automatically via digital “smart contracts” without the need for human intervention. Such decisions include approving a film project or casting for key talent.

An NFT community called Arabian Camels has integrated cryptocurrency exchange MoonPay into its own NFTs and is producing the $50 million Hollywood film “Antara.” The Antara Movie NFT is the first NFT that enables a purchaser to digitally co-own movie rights, allowing holders to share in the box office and streaming income. NFT owners can stake their NFTs to earn yields while the movie is still in development in addition to enjoying partial ownership of the material represented by the token or of the movie rights themselves.

Because of the traditional processes of film financing and the restrictive ownership structures present throughout the big film studios, this kind of real-world utility has never been conceivable previously. Movie NFTs are certain to shake up the global film business by enabling viewers to not only watch their preferred material but also enabling the next generation of actors, writers, and directors to get funding from the same movie fan community and realize their movie ideas.

Additionally, there are NFT initiatives that emphasize community and offer token holders a far more prominent role. This year, McCoy and his wife Jennifer McCoy showcased “The Inside World,” an immersive mystery-thriller game, at Sundance’s New Frontier. Participants have a stake in how the plot develops since they can gather NFTs that show the project’s characters. Working with the fan response right away, as opposed to waiting to see how they react, is a great approach to create the world and tell the tale, which is typically done in the background.

Hollywood producers of movies and television shows are also using NFTs to generate funds and develop fan bases prior to the launch of their projects. 10,000 Equine NFTs will appear in the animated web series “The Glue Factory,” which was developed with help from token holders and received over $3 million in funding. 10,000 NFTs were produced by Centaur Studios in August, and all of them were sold. Every item costed roughly $300 in Ethereum. Red Bucket, an organization that rescues horses in Southern California, received $315,000 of the earnings.

Now we have observed A-list celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Paris Hilton, and Madonna investing in NFTs and the Web3 space. NFTs are, however, also following a similar trend by making their way to Hollywood. After only one year of the NFT surge, there have already been numerous reports of characters making the jump from the blockchain to the big screen. Aku and the World of Women are two noteworthy NFT projects that are being made into full-length motion pictures.

A movie version of Ethereum NFT by artist Ben Mauro will be co-produced by veteran Marvel film producer Ari Arad (“Iron Man”) and his Arad Productions company. Arad will collaborate on the development of Web3 production company Feature and Oscar-nominated VFX supervisor Jerome Chen.

Coinbase officially confirmed they were producing The Degen Trilogy: a three-part interactive film series starring the Bored Ape Yacht Club and ApeCoin communities. There was a casting call for any BAYC holders eager to submit their distinctive NFTs for inclusion in the first of three films.

Currently, NFTs are only seen as a sort of collectible or art, but it’s predicted that very soon, interactive movie sequences will be shown where viewers may look for NFT gifts both live and on the big screen. Through blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, product placements on television may also be interactive and accountable. Because they will be able to make money every minute, this will raise the funding for utilities and movies to unprecedented heights.

Integrating NFTs into movies can lead us to incredible possibilities and craft an entirely new landscape for the movie industry and its viewers. In contrast to many other NFT projects that might not have much practical value, these Movie NFTs are a stunning example of the infinite potential that NFTs have to offer. They are also proof of what can be achieved when crypto communities come together to enhance how businesses function.

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