I interviewed Chiefs of Staff from Google, Lyft, Twilio, Uber, Chime & more. Here’s what I learned.

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Artwork by Ashley Olinger

Before I dive in…

💡 PART 1: What is a Chief of Staff?

1. Filling in Gaps

2. Connecting the dots

3. Amplifying the team

4. Acting as a sounding board

💡 PART 2: What is the skillset?

1. Discretion

2. Low ego

3. A fluency in business fundamentals and a generalist skillset

4. A1 Communication Skills

5. Agility and flexibility

💡 PART 3: Career paths

💡 PART 4: When and how to hire?

💡 Conclusion & other takeaways

Written by

Chief of Staff @doverhq | Former Founder @startcherry | NYU grad | writing about the startup journey, the female founder experience & life gillianroseobrien.com

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