Patient Gardener

Did you ever live alone? If yes, did your mother lovingly impose a Tulsi plant on you? Long long ago, during my MBA days, mummy tried teaching me to rear a life only to find it wilted beyond recognition. She never tried again.

Mummy’s relationship with the greens is quite old. As a teenager, she crossbred roses in her tidy little lawn. Moving to a 250 sqft rented apartment after marriage did not kill her passion. A potted money plant was a constant companion in every house she lived.

Time took its course and twenty years later, she bought a beautiful apartment. It was a ground floor flat with a ‘space’ that showed potential to be a garden. This is how the ‘space’ looks now.

Mummy’s garden

Mummy’s passion for gardening is inspiring. Few days back, she attended a workshop on growing organic vegetables. She came back home excited. She had aced the quiz and won a potted red chilli plant. She was beaming and I was proud.

This win may sound trivial but it reflects her commitment towards her passion. I admire her patience.Every weekend, she patiently prunes her plants, pulls out the weeds, plows the soil and sometimes, talks to them. Her current obsession is organic vegetables. She started off with the easy bitter gourd, pumpkin and cherry tomatoes. After a lot a trial and error, her garden now boasts of okra, chillies, ginger, potato and bay leaves.

I haven’t inherited her patience. At least, not with plants or anything alive! Will I ever?