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Behind all the glitz and glamour of our marketing campaigns, sits the legal department that performs a vital role in negotiating partnership deals and ensuring that we are fully compliant within the various countries in which we operate. Check out what a typical day looks like for Dorianne, our Head of Legal & Compliance:

As Head of Legal & Compliance, what do you do?

The legal team handles practically any legal-related matter that arises within the company — being a small team, I am very hands on, and am involved in negotiating partnerships with major football clubs, drafting & reviewing various agreements, providing legal advice to all the company departments, liaising with external lawyers based in foreign jurisdictions to update ourselves on regulatory changes as we are offering our services across the globe, and pretty much everything in between.

What’s your background? Have you always worked within the Sports and Entertainment world?

My background is mainly corporate and commercial law. I worked for a number of years with one of the largest groups of companies in Malta as an in-house legal counsel dealing with major brands such as Apple and McDonald’s, and was involved in the group’s corporate financing and major acquisition projects locally and abroad. I had never worked in the sports and entertainment world before joining Chiliz — however I love it and not planning to leave this industry anytime soon.

What does your average day look like?

There is no average day — every day there is something new and interesting (for want of a better word). Ordinarily, I plan my day in the morning but the plan is often out of the window by 10am when emails and meeting requests come in.

What’s the best part of working at Chiliz?

The fast-paced and dynamic environment; there is never a dull moment!!

What’s your favourite part/feature of the app?

Voting on polls — could be because I like to be influential and make my voice heard :) however, it’s also because this voting concept was the original business idea which gave birth to the entire Socios/Chiliz project — giving a voice to the fans!



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