Chilled Cat’s Monthly Chat: July

Every month the Chilled Cat team scours the internet for the best, and most ridiculous, cat stories from around the world. This month we discover Japanese politicians are fans of moggies and some cat fans decorate their homes in rather remarkable ways.

Cat shrine home for sale

Whoever thought the worship of cats was only done by ancient Egyptians clearly hasn’t seen this house. The anonymous owner, selling their home on an Australian real estate website has taken cat worship to the next level. They have filled their property with everything cat you can think of.

Texts from complaining cats

Amanda Panda-Boerste has created a quirky little blog called Texts From My Cats which follows the lives of Mittens, Jackson, and Buster and the potential things they could text their hoomin. The adventurers range from the cats playing Pokemon Go to grassing on each other. The blog is very family-friendly so feel free to read during your lunch break.

Image via Texts From My Cats blog

Japanese politician uses cat for campaigning

Someone is finally understanding that cats just win. Satoshi Shima, a political candidate in Japan is running to represent the Mikawa region in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture. What separates him from the competition is the fact he’s using a cat in some of his posters. What a guy.

Developing a new cat video game

If you fancy a change from blowing up and shooting each other then these guys from HK Project have something in store for you that’s breaking stereotypical norms. In the game your playable character is a tiny alley cat. The studio has so far released a few graphic tests as well as some ‘Making Of…’ videos but nothing seems too solid at the moment. Watch this space.

Pensioner sends Larry a bouquet

According to The Mirror, a pensioner caused a security panic at Number 10 after she sent a £55 bouquet of flowers addressed to Larry The Cat. Hazel Ross, 77 also included a note saying “Larry, hoping that you will like your new visitors. Love Hazel xx”. The bunch of flowers were sent after it was announced that Cameron would be leaving Larry behind.

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