My cat hates fireworks… what can I do?

Cats are peaceful creatures; they love routine and most of all they love a quiet environment. Loud noises such as music and sharp bangs can be really frightening for cats. No surprise, then, that Guy Fawkes Night can be problematic for your feline.

While cats do not develop sound sensitivities like dogs, loud noises such as those on Fireworks Night can still be a frightening experience for your cat.

When a cat is scared, common behaviour symptoms can include freezing on spot, shivering, running away and hiding. You may also hear your cat meowing or even whining.

One simple but effective way to reduce a cat’s stress levels is to shut all the curtains & close the windows in the house. This will ensure that the bright flashing lights & loud noises are kept at a minimum so your furry friend doesn’t get startled.

When your cat is scared, there are several things you can do to ensure your cat is feeling as safe and comfortable as possible:

  1. Provide a lot of places inside the home where your cat can hide. Pad out these spaces with blankets to make them feel comfortable and welcoming.
  2. Spray hiding places with Feliway to help your cat feel relaxed.
  3. Food and water are essential during times like Fireworks Night so your cat’s routine isn’t interrupted. Both food and water should be placed in your cat’s hiding places.
  4. Plug in a Feliway diffuser at least 24 hours before Bonfire Night. The diffuser will need to stay plugged in for up to a week after the event.
  5. Do not try to coax your cat out of its hiding place. Your cat will come out in its own time.
  6. You should try and keep your cat inside while the fireworks are going off. If your cat usually goes to the toilet outside, make sure there is a litter tray in a suitable location for them to use in the house.