Simon The Sprayer… How Feliway Helped

Cats are very territorial by nature. And one way cats mark their territory is by urinating on that spot. The proper term for this is ‘spraying urine’. This behaviour can be extremely problematic if a cat decides to stake his claim to territory in the house.

Simon is a four year old ginger tabby cat who when Courtnie brought him home was as good as gold. Courtnie told us that he was “super cuddly and slept on her shoulder every night. It was almost as if we chose each other.” However, after the ginger feline hit around two to two and a half, he started displaying a destructive personality.

The main place Simon used to urinate and spray was on Courtnie’s bed. She told us that she couldn’t leave the house without covering her furniture in plastic sheeting as she feared that Simon would spray when left alone.

Courtnie even took her beloved Simon to the vet to see if he was having any kind of health issues. He checked out fine but the Vet suggested they euthanise Simon which was not an option worth considering in Courtnie’s eyes. So she turned to the Internet and researched what could be done.

This is when she came across the Feliway plug in spray as it was recommended by others who had been experiencing the same sort of problems with their cats. “It seemed to be a fairly inexpensive solution to a very expensive problem” said Courtnie.

The first thing she noticed once the Feliway diffuser was plugged in was Simon’s and her other cat’s behaviour. She came downstairs one morning to find all of her felines playing together on the carpet with their toys. Courtnie also told us that Simon no longer urinates in the house and is generally more comfortable in his surroundings. He’s also been allowed back on the bed as his past crimes have dried up.

If you are experiencing a similar situation as Courtnie and Simon and would like to see if Feliway can help you create a peaceful home for you and your cats, email for more information about a free 30 day trial.