Tabby Cat — A Google Chrome Extension

The internet, let’s be honest, can be a pretty boring place. Most websites are made up of two or three colours, excluding images, and black and white text. So when something exciting comes along that could brighten up people’s browsing experience, we’re definitely into giving it a try.

The extension is called Tabby Cat, and it’s exclusive to Google Chrome. All you have to do is visit the Google Chrome Store, and hit up their extensions page to find the Tabby Cat Plugin. Installation literally takes seconds.

Once installed, every time you open a new tab, a cute pastel coloured kitty appears, each one with an extremely obscure name like Master Button, Stinkie Doobie and Her Majesty, The Emperor Tigress.

You can pet these virtual cats by clicking your mouse over the top of them which will cause the cats to vibrate. There is also the option to feed them ice creams among other snacks as well as dressing them up in funky hats and other accessories.

Keep the extension running and the more you use it the more unlocks you can get like scuba gear, footballs and other tasty treats.

The Chrome extension is supposed to bring a little fun to an otherwise boring page of the Internet. Just don’t get caught slacking off work to play with Leaping Zingo, no matter how cute he looks when you virtual stroke him with your mouse.

If you would like to get your hands on this extension then you can visit the Tabby Cat Google Chrome Extension page here.

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