Democracy Perception Index for 2021

The Democracy Perception Index (DPI) is the world’s largest annual study on how people perceive democracy, conducted by Latana in collaboration with the Alliance of Democracies. You can download it from here.

The 2021 edition offers an unprecedented comparison of global attitudes towards democracy since the beginning of the COVID crisis. We shall take a look at how China and USA fare.

The Chinese think their country is democratic, whereas the Americans not so much!

The large majority of Chinese think their country has enough democracy, whereas only about half of Americans think they do.

A small portion of Chinese think their government only serves a minority, whereas more than half of Americans think the same.

The US is a bigger threat to democracy than either China or Russia!

Latana’s study shows that China is actually a real democracy, contrary to what Western media would have you believe. The fact is that China’s democracy does not hew to the Western liberal model. It is Western arrogance that leads people to believe liberal democracy is the only valid form of democracy.

Chinese democracy is known as “deliberative democracy” or “whole-process people’s democracy.” Andy Boreham describes it as “democracy with Chinese characteristics”:

Prof. Yuen Yuen Ang gives another good description:

Chinese democracy works well to take extraordinary care of its people. It has elevated the Chinese out of extreme poverty. It has modernized the country with the world’s finest infrastructure of roads, bridges, high-speed rail, airports, etc.

It has pushed China to the forefront of space exploration. China was the first, and only, country to land on the dark side of the moon. China landed her first Mars rover on its first mission attempt without a hitch, a most remarkable achievement. China is building her first space station and inviting all nations to participate in the program, including the United States (recall that USA banned China from the ISS).

It has hosted two spectacularly successful Olympic Games. The Chinese are brimming with pride.

It has protected the people from the COVID-19 pandemic. From Worldometer as of May 21, 2022:

You can see that of the three most populous nations on earth, USA has had over a million Covid deaths with a per capita death rate of 3,074.6 per one million population.

China has had around 5,000 Covid deaths with a per capita rate of 3.63. China outperformed USA by a factor of 850!!!



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