How is China the “world leader”?

China leads the world in peacefulness, benevolence, economic development, and many areas of science and technology.

Peacefulness and Diplomacy

  • China hasn’t fought a single war since 1979. No other major power has ever been at peace for so long.
  • China pursues diplomacy throughout the Middle East rather than bombing the shit out of the region. Recently, she signed a 25-year cooperation deal with Iran.
  • China negotiates with the Taliban instead of invading and occupying Afghanistan for 20 years.
  • Despite maritime disputes in SCS, China leads the ASEAN countries in peaceful trade through RCEP, the world’s largest free trade zone.
  • China works diplomatically to broker peace between Russia and Ukraine, countries with whom China has excellent relations. (What is USA doing? Sending arms to Ukraine and throwing fuel to the fire.)


  • China helps countries in the Global South build their infrastructure through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
  • China helps countries in the Global South vaccinate their population as the rich Western nations abandoned them through vaccine hoarding.
  • China invites all nations to participate in her space station program, including the United States. (Recall that USA banned China from the ISS.)
  • China is doing more to fight pollution and climate change than any other country!

Economic Development

  • China has surpassed USA economically by purchasing power parity.
  • Within the next few years, China is expected to overtake USA by nominal GDP.
  • China built the world’s most spectacular infrastructure of roads, bridges, high-speed rail, airports, etc.
  • China used her enormous trade surplus vis-à-vis USA to fund her Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). (USA is trying to counter BRI with Build Back Better World, or B3W. Unfortunately, B3W looks like it’s dying on the vine.)
  • China is the only country to have hosted two spectacularly successful Olympic Games!

Science and Technology

  • China leads the world in 5G/6G.
  • China leads the world in AI.
  • China leads the world in quantum computing.
  • China was the first, and only, country to land on the dark side of the moon, an unprecedented achievement.
  • China landed her first Mars rover on its first mission attempt without a hitch! This was an unprecedented achievement.
  • China is building a space station to replace the ageing ISS.
  • China has operational hypersonic missiles! (USA doesn’t.)

China also leads in governance…



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