What are the flaws in democratic systems?

I see several major problems with Western liberal democracy:

  1. It’s based on popularity, not on meritocracy. It’s based on who can tell the best story. It’s worse than that in some instances, for example, Justin Trudeau rode on the coattails of his father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, and Donald Trump won hearts and minds by being a reality TV star. Neither had one iota of political experience before they were elected!
  2. It’s based on financial campaign support. Candidates generally need lots of money to run their campaigns. Those who can’t raise enough funds don’t get elected, even if they’re highly qualified.
  3. Financial campaign support is corrupting. People’s votes can be bought, effectively.
  4. Government officials are frequently bought through campaign donations, lobbying, etc. This is effectively bribery or corruption.
  5. The calibre of leadership is generally very low. We’ve seen far too many imbeciles running their countries, for example, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Scott Morrison, Boris Johnson, Jair Bolsonaro, Tsai Ing-wen, etc.
  6. Democratic governments are incapable of enacting long-term policies. Policies are frequently overturned after the next general election.
  7. Government policies are often watered down (thanks to partisan bickering), sometimes to the point of being useless.
  8. Political gridlock can paralyze a government, as we’ve seen in the United States.

A democratic system has good points, too, though I am at a loss to list them. Please list them in the comments.



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