Tech China Post #10

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A recent KPMG survey on global technology innovation has identified Shanghai as one of the world’s leading technology innovation hubs in the next few years. (link)

Chairman of Tencent Holdings is proposing a build-out of China’s own “silicon valley” that would include Hong Kong and Maucau. (link)

Wanxiang Group, a major Chinese conglomerate, is launching a blockchain accelerator. The “Chainbase Accelerator” will initially work with four startups — Dorling Abby (IoT & blockchain), Yuanben (copyright management), Bianjie Intelligence (medical data exchange), Moceng (gaming and payment). (link)

European Patent Office has released its 2016 stats. China filed more than 7,000 patents in 2016, among the top 10 countries in the patent-filing country league table. (link)

Chinese mobile operators join forces to eliminate domestic roaming and long-distance call charges as they look to data services as main revenue drivers. (link). This shift reflects the growth in mobile ad spending. It is estimated that by 2021, more than 80% of digital ad spending in China will be from mobile. (link)

Officials in China confirmed that China is planning to build a deep-sea “space station” that will surface current capabilities of the deep-sea research station that exists today. (link)

A legal assistance robot, trained with 30 million cases, was launched in central China. The legal assistance robot is intended for lawyers first. Future version will allow the robot to provide legal service to consumers. (link)

AI talent war continues with China’s Didi setting up Didi Labs in Mountain View. The lab will focus on AI-based security and intelligent driving technologies. (link)