Tech China Post #7

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So far, there hasn’t been a week gone by without Baidu doing something in AI. Baidu made its first investment alongside major media companies in the U.S. and acquired a Y Combinator-backed virtual reality / AI company.

Rise of Chinese tech giants or rather conglomerates extending from consumer to enterprise tech, from e-commerce to cloud to media, from hardware to software

Download Wechat before you go to China and Asia, in fact. You will need it… there is a virtual Starbucks in Wechat

Floating nuclear power platform? Chinese government is funding research on core technologies and standardization of maritime nuclear power plants.

China whips up an innovation storm with new model

Artificial Intelligence

AI in China: “The velocity of work is much faster in China than in most of Silicon Valley”

Baidu’s virtual assistant ‘Duer’

Baidu acquired Raven Tech, a Y Combinator-backed AI startup


Asia’s Fintech Race: Trends, Regulations, Lessons For The West


Regulatory alert on internet information services in China