About CJ Crosland

Self-portrait by CJ Crosland

CJ Crosland is a non-binary artist and photographer based near London, England. Originally a History & Political Science graduate and musician working as a software tester, CJ embarked on the life of a self-taught artist in 2010.

Working mainly with photography, digital collage and video, CJ is inspired by whatever experiences life brings, whether joy and beauty, or vulnerability, pain, loss and the struggle to survive. They seek to capture their intense and complex individual experience, and the powerful emotions which are central to it. This takes the form of several concurrent streams of work, including self-portraiture and street photography.

Their work has been described as exploratory, introspective, poetic and powerful.

CJ has shown work in group exhibitions in London, Woking and Bristol in the UK, and in Belgium and Poland, and regularly contributes to London Independent Photography’s “fLIP” magazine.

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