FCC Speedrun — Golang/React edition — Kickoff

First — what’s a speedrun? See here. Join in if you’d like, the last Speedrun was awesome and I suspect this one will be too.

I had a blast with the last speedrun — seriously, loads of fun. Unfortunately, I got busy with work and wasn’t able to finish as strongly as I began (sorry to anyone who was following my progress) so I’m super excited to have another go at it. This time I kicked it up a notch (for myself) by putting out a poll to my cohort-mates and letting them pick which stack I build everything out in. The winners: Golang and React. Haskell almost beat out Golang due in large part to Yasser Hussain’s full scale lobbying on it’s behalf (it was a really close race) but, in the end, Golang pulled ahead.

I’m pretty sure React won in the frontend framework/library category because my cohort-mates are a mischievous lot with an evil sense of whimsy. It’s no secret that React is BY FAR my least favorite frontend ecosystem — thanks a lot everyone :D

Ok, truth time — I don’t actually “know” Golang or React. I’ve done maybe one full YouTube type “code-along” in React but that was over a year ago, and the most I’ve ever done with Golang is skim the official docs and think “ok, this looks cool”. So, TLDR; — I have next to zero experience with either of them but am 100% undaunted by the challenge. (As an aside: I was more than a wee bit scared that Haskell would win, and may in fact need to self-select it for the next speed run — now that would be a monumental challenge.)

Right now, I’m having my own little crash course in Golang and React. The materials I’m using to prepare are:


  • The official docs for Golang
  • Awesome Go
  • The Go Programming Language — this is a paid book, I bought it so I’d have a good reference manual handy if I need to look anything up — ever since “the olden days” I’ve relied on books written by K&R, Stroustroup, or Pike to be the rock solid reference I need, and this one doesn’t look like it’ll disappoint. I expect I’ll be doing a lot of Golang programming in the years to come so building up a reference library will be a good long-term investment.


I’ve yet to decide anything else about the stack I’ll be using. I think it’s a safe bet that I’ll be using Webpack and Sass/Scss. I’ll probably host the final portfolio on Vultr or Heroku. I’ll likely still use D3 for the data-vis projects. I’ll probably use Gulp for builds and Travis-CI to deploy. Surge.sh for anything without a backend (like always).

I just hit the Google, and apparently “Jest” is the go-to testing framework for React, so I’ll be using Jest to test the frontend. Google ships with a built-in testing framework, so I’ll be figuring out how to use that and using it to test the backend.


My progress in the Speedrun thusfar:

  • I haven’t even started, I’m in the middle of weeding through the official docs for React and Golang to get up to speed with both