Bearded Dragon Digest vol. 02

The projects are starting to take shape!

News & Random

Something disturbing is going on, there’s a disease running in the cohort… A few dragons are showing signs of the digital disease called ‘Data Hoarder’. Further investigation should tell us if this disease is infectious, for the time being, you can seek counsel with @drguildo, Scott Spence or this Subreddit.

Maybe it’s because there is a lot of talking going on in our cohort. So far 6k messages have been sent by you guys; 31% in public channels, 40% in private channels and 30% of the messages were DMs. We also hit our limit of integrations, so if you want to test your bot, you will have to open a slack yourself (which is pretty easy to do) and install your bot there to test it.

Today @piotr posted the first poll in the #poll channel, more questions will follow, so be sure to visit the channel in the coming days. The first question was: How do you rate the activities (build-to-learn, pair programming, buddies) so far? (1: I expected more … 5; met my expectations). The results so far:

  1. 0%
  2. 0%
  3. 40%
  4. 40%
  5. 20%

Shout-Out & Showcase

@tlannoye11 finished the Simon Game project, check it out. Rumor has it that @tlannoye11 will earn the first certificate very soon.

Check out @jsrco’s new portfolio!

@leofis passed his IELTS, so now he has proof of his proficiency in English which means he can go to London to study!

Pankajashree R wrote an article about the #100DaysOfCode challenge. If you’ve never participated in this challenge be sure to check it out!

Dragon Of The Week

freeCodeCamp teaches developers to learn by themselves and not just follow instructions or tutorials. This weeks dragon is doing just that by going the route fCC isn’t going, which is testing. Testing is very important, but unfortunately, fCC doesn’t focus on testing at all. It is up to the programmer if she/he wants to implement a test suite for her/his projects. The Dragon of the Week is Jason Boxman, he started writing tests for ReForum, click here if you want to help him out and learn more about testing.


That’s one scary dragon!