Chingu Armadillos Weekly Update #1


What’s Happenin’

—We’re on Week 3 of our 5-week cohort! WOOT WOOT! Hopefully you’ve made a few friends and you’re enjoying the Chingu community. Next week, I’d like to challenge you to look at the #intro-my-stories and find someone whom you haven’t talked to yet and send them a message to find out what projects they’re working on :)

Overheard in Armadillos

It’s never too late to start a #100DaysOfCode, either. The secret is public accountability and consistency. “Just showing up” to get the work done, and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll do!

Showcase & Shout-out

— @jmaunders for finishing a site for a real client:

— @mrbrackins for finishing his fCC Twitch API Project:

— @sanddc318 for finishing both his fCC Random Quote Machine API Project and the weekly design challenge: &

— @dylan for writing a Pen outlining an http request in vanilla JS:

That’s all for this week! Keep up the good work next week! :D

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