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Chingu Weekly 67 — To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time

@theSabby flying over Amsterdam

News & Opportunities

🎉 Congratulations @CarloCappellini on getting the new developer job!!

🎉 Congratulations @tyre on the new dev job!

🎉 Congratulations @Tim on getting your first developer job!!

🎉 Congratulations @Martin on your Computing awards!

Shout-outs & Showcases

🔥 “I’ve been designing and creating ever since I was a child, whether that was making spaceships out of plastic cups or painting, it’s been a constant influence in everything I do. To merge my love for creativity and technology I’ve taught myself modern front end development and aspire to build a career within it.” — @Jamie R. Wilson. Check out his portfolio here! (many apologies for last week Jamie 🙏)

🔥 Harshil Agrawal: “Published my first article on Medium!!!”

How I built a simple calculator with Flutter

🔥 Check out @Shantia’s drum machine app!

🔥Check out @rbertram’s Issue Tracking Tool for Small Teams!

🔥Check out @Scenti’s portfolio!

“I’m a passionate and driven individual who loves coding, traveling and meeting new people. I strongly believe in exposure and gaining experience. I also crave writing media queries as weird as that sounds, and with every line of code I write, I strive to make the web a beautiful place.”

Overheard in Chingu

We are really, really close to having a public beta of our game, even though it doesn’t have all the feature we imagined it to have, it is still a game, in the truest sense!

Networked a ton and found three leads to potential jobs. Sat down for coffee with two people and both seem like viable developer positions I could fill. Excited to start applying to jobs in a couple weeks!

lePancake showed me how to make a slackbot

Solved advance JavaScript code examples together

Got the eventbrite API to work!

@Tyre got a job offer

Team-lead got back in the saddle for coding; after a burnout.

@nari-roh has been a rockstar!

One of our teams members went on vacation, but somehow all other members got more active! We managed to get more done in 3 days than in the whole project’s time so far.

Our member team @Tim H got his first web dev job

I setup the Django project

We finished the backend, users, auth and registration and completed the post backend.

Auth part and starting profile

I have finished first year of HND Computing(its first two years of BSc Computing degree at De Montfort University — UK, but it takes place at local college as I didn’t have money to go for a full degree right away) day after I got my results I received this email : Dear Martin Every year the Faculty of Technology awards prizes to students whose achievements have been particularly outstanding and I am absolutely delighted to confirm that you have been awarded two prizes: • Best First Year Student (Computing) • Best Associate College Student (Computing) These prizes are awarded following discussion at the highest academic level and you should be very proud of this significant achievement. Well done!

complete our sprint

completed our springs, had pair programming session , finished a algorithm

completed design of the UI

working out a JavaScript algorithm

We are almost completed our frontend work on the project.

I solved a tough problem that was keeping us from completing our sprint.

Team member got a new job. Learned graphQl.

Chingus of the Week

@Chandana, Merline, Alex Luong, @dereje, Cognoscenti thank you soooo very much for being understanding and supportive and helping me stick to the responsibility I must live up to., Vytautas, @dez @mwasabi, Vanathi is very active and encouraging member of the team, Denis has implemented the core function of our project., @vee, @Anton are both amazing team mates and I’m glad I can work with them. I know it is tough for you guys as we chose a lot of new technologies with a steep learning curve, but I hope it does not scare you and that you will continue to work hard.,Martin Kovac, Roniq, He has been a great help through this voyage. My knowledge in React was slim to none. But he took the time out to go over many details in React and made me more comfortable. Not only that, but whenever I have a question, he is always there to answer and lend support., Leo, Martin Kovac, Jeremy Wandui, Alberto, My team members particularly sanjana is very active, Best wishes going out to @Vconcept, whose region was flooded this past week., @Ruiner, Our entire GECKO 5 group is rocking hard! @jethro fredericks, @fancyaction @sparta, FancyAction, Alexever17, @thinktwice13 has been extremely motivated even though our team has gone through rough patches with activity and motivation recently. He’s pushing code and taking action on his own accord which I value as a teammate!, Jared Schiller did a great job with current user logic and UI display., Miguel E., @Deyl Raytop created user sign up flow all by himself, lePancake, Ivan, Diogo & Corne, tasesmuemils has made a huge contribution in the creation of the tribute page: he has created the template of the web page, worked on the css grid. tasesmuemils has contributed the most to the team project so far., Great Job @Brandonvernon for eliminating our Bootstrap debt and replacing it with solid semantic HTML5 and CSS3., Yes, @nari-roh, Jamie Bullock, rodielmj, @Julis, she rocks. @Tim H,Sosodope, lePancake

Quote to Go

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.” — Leonard Bernstein



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