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Chingu Weekly Update Vol. 126

Photo by Israel Andrade on Unsplash

Shout-outs & Showcases

🔥 Congratulations to Ed who just landed a new Developer job!!!

🔥 Reminder: Voyage 26 will be starting on January 4, 2021

🔥 As always, we’re matching people for pair-programming sessions this week. Checkout #chingu-news in Discord to find the link to sign-up!

🔥 Congratulations to @Trion — Code for good on posting his newest video on YouTube!

Software Engineer vs Google’s Kids Coding Game:

Overheard in Chingu

congrats so happy for you buddy

i miss hockey so much lol

yea, live coding is intense

and hey We have all Canadian division this year!!!

I think many people struggle with Imposter Syndrome

Congratulations for presenting

I just want to start v-26 — Im rushing to it

I absolutely credit chingu with elevating my understanding of web development both quickly and properly. Great community!

I was waiting to see some algorithm kick in once you beat a certain level and it turn into a coding interview …But then … the last challenge

Yeah, but what I’m looking for is to better understand how it appears for each person, it turns out someone suffering from it from fear of judgment, some negative thought, even someone who when they are alone feel fear and surrender. what I need is when you most struggling with the Imposter Syndrome, what works for you what makes you even worst (ex, facing a challenge, code failure and etc)

On twitch to be discovered one has to stay online. That is trouble. my channel is just couple of gaming videos, so don’t know how youtube truly works. need some clickbait videos xD

I’m really eager to help Chingu, if you need help please don’t hesitate to ask me for help!

Resource of the Week

Quotes to Go

I was attracted to JavaScript because of the ability to just build something and share it instantly with the world. You put it on the web, and you get a URL, you can send it to anyone with a browser. That was the part that just attracted me to the web and to JavaScript.

— Evan You, Vue.js creator

Before you Go!

You can learn more about Chingu & how to join us at



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