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Chingu Weekly Update vol. 133

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Shout-outs & Showcases

🔈 Calling anyone who wants to participate in the Beta of a new program we’re working on: an accountability program for self-taught developers to finish projects.

If you are interested to learn more, try it out or provide feedback, please sign-up here and I’ll reach out with more information. 😊

🔥 Congratulations @Andrew on your acceptance to the University of London BSc Computer Science Program!!!

🔥 Reminder: Voyage 28 will be starting on March 1st!

🔥 As always, we’re matching people for pair-programming sessions this week. Checkout #chingu-news in Discord to find the link to sign-up!

Overheard in Chingu

I love commits like those. I once saw a commit titled “I’m sorry” for some super hacky / wonky solution at work. It got replaced a few weeks later with “Cheered up sorry code”

my shirt is finally shipped

I got mine too few weeks ago. I got the white one. They should try making with some other colors.

Recently left my job as the sole front-end developer (also managing a large chunk of middleware in Node), and was hoping my boss would hire somebody at least mid-level to take my place. He hired a junior straight out of bootcamp. Think the company and project risks going under now because of greed or lack of funding. Seen this happen at so many Startups, where they try to keep hiring juniors as codebase gets larger and more complicated. New hire seems cool and is happy to be there but feel a bit bad about it. Their success is my success in a way as you never want a company to go under when you leave. Anyway, just venting and saying know what you are going into when applying for a junior role and don’t feel bad if it seems you are overwhelmed b/c it likely is the employer asking too much rather than you not being able to deliver.

I like watching science related content and space/time come up quite a bit. Imagine a timeline, you see out into the future. Whatever you are struggling with, your future self has already dealt with it. Future you has learned whatever it is. I use this mindset when I’m struggling with something (usually school related) and it helps me relax and not worry so much. Hope it helps you too

i got advice from my mum on this. she said if youre trying to just stay informed, then focus on what affects your life and your immediate community. Its hard worrying about all of the worlds problems

only issue I have since big sur is my HDMI cable. whenever something touches it by accident or I move my laptop, it’s blacking out the screen and if I manage to touch twice within a short amount of time, the mac crashes but besides all good

are you telling us your promotion and Jeff stepping down as Amazon CEO is a coincidence?

hehe hey there btw I found a way for anyone who was dying of the cliffhanger

Resource of the Week

From @Zumdewald:

“This one falls under ‘treasure’ … for sure:”

Quotes to Go

“If you’re already a front-end developer, well, pretend you’re also wearing a pirate hat.” — Ethan Marcotte

Before you Go!

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