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Chingu Weekly Update vol. 132

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Shout-outs & Showcases

🔥 Voyage 27 starts today!!!

🔥 Congratulations @Marie on getting a React Front-end developer job!!!

🔥 As always, we’re matching people for pair-programming sessions this week. Checkout #chingu-news in Discord to find the link to sign-up!

Overheard in Chingu

There’s only one Chingu Bot and that’s @Trion — Code for good

I left my job recently due to “burn out” but have a different perspective on it. I think burn out is good, in some ways. It essentially is your brain telling your body that “what you are doing isn’t rewarding” whether because the work is too hard or the rewards are too little or both. Many devs work on their own projects, working incredible hours and dealing with massive stress, but power through it because it’s so rewarding to build something from passion and creativity. I don’t think things are black-and-white. All work takes up energy -> adds stress. Most important thing is: Are you growing (in finances/skills/anything) and do you feel your time invested is worth it? Just my two cents.

I never really hang up laundry. My laundry machine has a closet-ready setting 8) less work. Laziness wtf

I like doing laundry actually. its relaxing & clean and smells good


self-evaluation and coworker-evaluation in our company in the moment. couple forms and spreadsheets

including professional development during 2020. took me like 3 hours to fill everything out

Reminds me, we’re supposed to have this individual status-talk once a year at work.. to see how we progress. Next one is next week.

Wut. We have meetings with our ceo every other month 👀

I used to be a dev. Now I’m consultant too 😞

I used to work with Cinema4D and After Effects about a decade ago so there’s a lot of similarites

Resources of the Week

Why Burnouts Should Not Be Ignored

(Also, see above in Overheard in Chingu for another perspective from this article on burnout)

Quotes to Go

Before you Go!

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