Chingu Weekly Vol. 18

A tortoise got a job, a Red-Panda helped a Javascript Legend, a Back-End and Data Viz cert was acquired, and some rambunctious Lions deployed a slack bot! Not a bad week I’d say!

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News & Random

— Congratulations @demelza (Vivien) on getting your new dev job!!!

— @belcurv — Born from last cohort’s Build-to-Learn series, DEV-DASH is now in the chrome store! Check it out and if you have a free minute, show some love and leave a review! :)

— If you are ACTIVELY PURSUING machine learning or data science in general, please send me a message. We’ve got a little something special cookin’! ;p

Build-to-Learn Project/ Chingus of the Week

This cohort-session’s first BUILD-TO-LEARN project is finished! Congratulations @logachev, @mblood, @alexmcleod01, and @josh5231 who reverse engineered an existing bot and created the Lion-Bot (seen in action below)!

The Gang-of-Four-Lions (team name) deserve the honours this week because, as anyone who has ever been in a team project knows, group collaboration is tricky to not only coordinate, but also finish. This team has been super quick in coming together to put this together, and they are already brainstorming ideas of what to build next together!

I can’t wait. (I also can’t wait to see what the other teams come up with!)

Check out the Lion-Bot’s landing page here. And the github repo here(feel free to show some love with a star).

Showcases & Shout-outs

@nickolaos — Congratulations Nick Papasavvas on your first(?) pull request that was ACCEPTED BY KYLE SIMPSON aka the author of the YDKJS books!!! I’d print out that “successfully merged and closed” notification and frame it. ;p

@peris — Check out Periklis Atzampos’s animated logo for an awesome app he’s building!

@jenovs — congrats Viktors Jenovs for getting your backend cert!!

@zashisz — Check out Ashish’s Calculator using vanilla js!

@jayu — Another week, another new FCC project completed by Jayu: Meteorite Landings Across the Globe visualization. Oh, and he also just got his Data Viz certificate!!!

@jplacy — @jplacy’s Calculator: “Refactored my calculator to use generic functions instead of repetitive code for each key. Tweaked colors, added keyboard functionality & sound. (Not sure about the sound, it acts a little flaky. Its really there for mobile use where you have no other tactile feedback.)” Check it out here!

@chiptus — I am so happy to see @chiptus writing again, this time for HASHNODE, and his experience as a digital nomad. Check it out here.

@thomasfuston — @thomasfuston came up with a really intriguing idea of hosting “hacksprints” at some point in the cohorts. It’s basically be a 24 or 48 hour sprint on a weekend, a kind of mini hackathon.Can’t wait to see this in action! Here are some notes for the idea.

@trion: Parminder Singh made an earthquake prediction neural network using Tensorflow! (“Learned data normalization and saving trained models for further usage.”) Code can be viewed here.

belcurv’s profile, creative use of @kornil’s favicons

@mot_bullock — cool concept for a pomodorro clock!

@beemyfriend — Have a look at @beemyfriend’s Machine Learning reference page!

@mmhansen & @mozar — Michael Hansen and @mozar are a formidable team and when I heard whispers that they were dropping 3.5 hour pair programming sessions I knew some gourmet collaboration was taking place and there’d be a scrumptious project in the works. Sure enough, they are creating an app that leverages and packages up one of the most intriguing aspects of the cohorts: the intros section. Check out what they have so far.

@florinpop — Here is Florin Pop’s second medium article, JS Coding Challenge Follow-Up!

@jpmcb — John said it’s a work in progress but I like this concept for a portfolio: HERE.


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