Chingu Weekly vol. 26

This week one member got a Lead developer job, another’s startup won $10,000 USD in a competition, and another is now officially a digital nomad as a Javascript developer!

Screenshot from ROGUE, a ROBLOX game being developed by @buoyantair

News & Random

— Congratulations Chaim Lando who just accepted a Lead Developer position and has made his dream of becoming a digital nomad real!

— Congratulations @kornil who just got a remote Javascript developer job, aka digital nomad status ACHIEVED! You 100% deserve this Francesco Agnoletto!

— Here we go!! Congratulations Nicholas Ionata (@nionata, builder of Sundial)! He and his team at Scanned just won $10,000 for their startup! He’s cooking up an article about the journey the Scanned team has gone on so far so that should be coming sometime in the near future!

— Introducing the Austin Chingu Cohorts meetup!

— Attention: There may be a volunteer opportunity to join a burgeoning social enterprise as a CTO (you’ll have to do research to see if it’s worth a try). In the next few days I’ll post a google doc in Chingu-Central for a signup sheet if you’re interested!

— So, we are going to be hosting a Guest AMA (Ask Me Anything) with a few Senior Developers soon! Not only that, but we’ll be using a web-service created by members during a team project (shout-out to @periman and @icartusacrimea!) to facilitate the AMA! More details to come. :)

Showcase & Shout-outs!

@PORTAL — @periman @icartuscrimea — These two need a team name because they are such a great tandem! I am so happy to showcase their first project together called PORTAL, an amazing web-service that generates a chat portal in-browser so a client or guest can talk to a team inside of slack (without having to be invited to the slack group).

This is perfect for a client communicating with a team, but is also perfect for hosting Senior Dev “Guest AMA” sessions for the cohorts too! So we’re going to do that (shout-out @belcurv for having that awesome idea!).

Some of you may have already used this web-service during one of our beta testing sessions (last week we had Cheetahs and Raccoons chatting inside the Rhinos #general channel using Portal!).

I implore you to check out the wonderful splash page for Portal to see the gifs of this application in action. :) Also, here is the github repo.

@jdmedlock — Jim Medlock is back with another gem of a technical article for your curious minds! :) It’s called: Why Should I Give a DAG? — Leveraging Transitive Closure in your Applications.

@TEAM SIMBA-PAWS! — Abigail (agathalynn), @heyty, Lisa Copeland — Here is a project from last cohort session reverse-engineering Momentum! So happy to see this wonderful app finished. :) You can see it live here, and view the github repo here.

@TEAM THE-FLYING-HORSES! — Shashank Shekhar & @kuanov — The Flying-Horses successfully cloned the MDNBot splash page! You can see the live version here, and the github repo here!

@aseem, @soni7raj — ALFRED BOT — This adventure originally had two members working on it, but then @soni7raj went and got a full time developer job mid-project! ;p So Aseem took what was left and went into perseverance mode to bring Afred into the world! Next Aseem wants to pivot the project so that it can pull from Stackoverthrow to help answer javascript questions!

@TEAM SPLASH-MASTERS! — @gt6089, @marie, @winchez — TeamSplash-Masters successfully cloned the Paypal slack-bot landing page!! You can see the live version here, and the repo here.

@bigyankarki, @waucaylle — A successfully cloned Pay-pal Splash page!! Check out the github repo here.

@TEAM HWAITING! — @andrew, @kayce, @monica — Team Hwaiting successfully cloned the MDNbot splash page too! You can see the live version here (as well as some brainstorming on a potential slack bot pivot called Malcolm Bot!) here.

@buoyantair — buoyantair is MAKING A GAME called Rogue, and here is an article buoyantair wrote about Rogue.

@dami — @dami has been blogging about the YDKJS books, here’s one blog entry, but I recommend checking them all out if you’re going through the YDKJS books!

@joey_codes — @joey_codes designed and built this sleek site for a client!

@atharva — Have a gander at @atharva’s Game of Life rendition here!

@mahaveer — @mahaveer has been working on this for a bit and learned a ton while doing it (thanks @vera and everyone else who helped!). It’s a SoundCloud clone called Sound-React.


@ranewallin — Look at this wonderful tiger is CSS by @ranewallin!

@ranewallin’s tiger!

@geist — Have a look at this gorgeous Resume clone from P1XT’s CS Guide by @geist!

@kvie is starting on her 2-year degree in preparation for applying to the UC Berkeley CS program. Congrats @kvie! We’re rooting for you!!

@amanfojnr — Kenneth Amanfo Junior designed this mockup below!

@coffeecraftcode — Christina Gorton made this SVG for the Design sprint in #design-monks

@tan — Tan is making a text editor. It’s still in the early stages but this project is so cool I thought I’d share the barebones: here!

FCC Speedrunnin’ Update!

Want to read short articles discussing FCC projects? Head on over to the FCC Speedrun publication to see all the progress people are accomplishing!

Chingu of the Week

This week the honors go to @amanfojnr!

In the past few weeks, Kenneth Amanfo Junior has been on a roll! To give an idea of what he’s been up to: 1) not only did he start up a design support group (called #design-monks — feel free to DM him in Chingu-Central if you’d like to get an invite), but he has also started two design challenges in that group! 2) He started We are Orb (showcased last week), a data science publication on Medium. 3) He and Yasser Hussain (and others) have been working on a really cool project, that may be merged with another project in the cohorts. It’s pretty damned exciting!

What I love about all the above is that Kenneth is leveraging the Chingu network to help people and create cool things. This is a hidden power that everyone in the cohorts has access to: aka a network of wild learners who are happy to collaborate and build. If you have an idea, and it is beneficial to others in someway, you probably can find others who are interested in joining you!

Quotes to Go

Saw this quote in this article called “Be Prolific, They Can’t Ignore You”.

“We are made to create. We feel useful when we create. We release our ‘stuckness’ when we create. We reinvent our lives, tell new stories, and rebuild communities when we create. We reclaim our esteem, our muse, and our hope when we create.” — P. Slim