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Chingu Weekly Vol. 61 — A Chingu just published a MERN-stack book!

Chingus getting jobs, publishing a tech book, and projects galore! Grab a beverage ☕️ 🍵 🍷 of your choice and dive in!

eddyw’s book is out!!!

News & Opportunities

🎉 Congratulations @jprogm on getting the new dev job!!

🎉 Congratulations @AK on getting your internship at INTEL!!

🎉 Congratulations @lubo on your Web Design & Development Master’s defense!!

🎉 Congratulations to @alexV on getting the full time REMOTE software job!!

🎉 Shout-out to @fancyaction who went to a Hackathon over the weekend and learned Database Implementation for that!


So…a Chingu just published a !?$IN’ MERN-STACK BOOK! MASSIVE SHOUT-OUT TO eddyw!

I’ve had to keep this a secret for months (which was SUPER hard). I’m so proud of Eddy, who has been around since the early days of Chingu and is one of the most interesting humans I’ve ever met.

I encourage anyone interesting in the MERN-stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) to pick this gemstone up. You can grab your copy here.

Cheers to these team-mates!🍻

On the weekly check-ins there is a question that asks: Is there anyone on your team who has been super helpful, kind, hard-working, etc. and deserves a shout-out? Here’s the list from last week:

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

dirkduplooy, Paul Shreeman, Rodielmj, @FancyAction, @Donte, @mbrandon32 has helped to keep our team’s progress moving, Nills, Jared Shiller is doing a great job leading the way!, Lennyroy Robles, Jackhowa, ziggysauce, Nari Roh, sosodope, @fourwadsmart, @Tim H, @Julis, jffy, Jemimah O. and Anirudh, @javamajk, AHMAD, @is343, @AryanJ, @vasiljevs, @milana, @fancyaction, Aryan Jabbari, @mgrienauer, Madison Crocker, Ziggysauce, Oliver in pair programming, @gabrielg has provided an inspired idea, all of them are doing great!, crisner, @Chris Von Wilczur, Oliver, @TheSharpReport, @Em Estabillo, @sdbowen, @AK(Ayush Kumar), Ahyungss, Jemimah and b lg, @DEJIDOPE, Miguel E., @thinktwice13, @NIL, psongpin, MufasaOnAcid, @ansi, Marshall, Em Estabillo, Ishidor, ergofox, milos, @alex, megclaypool

Welcome aboard Voyage-6 lifelong learners!

Another week, another Voyage launch!

Bring on the projects, bring on the perseverance, bring on the level-ups! 🚀

Shout-outs & Showcases

🔥 Nerajno johnson & Lennyroy Robles brought the 🔥 during their pair-programming session last week and built a Chuck Norris Joke Machine!

🔥 @soreg dropped his portfolio in #community-chat last week — check it out here!

🔥 @bytenaija made this awesome CrimeMap app, check it out here!

🔥 @Veronica is getting ready for Voyage-6 in this great article called Making time for coding!

🔥@emsestbillo wrote an article about her first Chingu Voyage kickoff!

🔥 Mohamed Khaled Yousef — Check out MKY’s Arcade game!

🔥@puritanic is up to his usual tricks with another project, this time a Travel-Agency!

🔥 Oleksandr Malakhov (alexever17)and his team are building a game using Phaser.js for their Voyage project. Looks like he’s be prepping right! Check out this tutorial game her made!

Overheard in Chingu

To awesomeness and 5 am coffees ☕️

I reached out to a friend who was in a previous Chingu cohort to get some live practice on using GitHub (along with VS Code and LiveShare).

We had a great talk with @jarrku about the nonprofit project in the news channel and we one of those who we lucky enough to help him with the nonprofit project.

We managed to organize a meeting with everyone and worked on the points for Act 1 and defined what the MVP should be.

Chingu of the Week

This week the honors go to Oliver!

From helping people outside his team with impromptu pair-programming sessions, to co-costing a live talk on Pair-Programming, to helping a member find a new team, Oliver has been on fire since Voyage-5 started!

We are so lucky to have a person of Oliver’s calibre in our midst, and he’s a inspiration for the power of helping others!

Quote to Go

“There are no teachers, no lectures, and there are no classes.

The idea is that rather than having one person in front of the student transmitting the knowledge vertically. Each individual is going to become a source of knowledge for their collegues around them. For this, it’s a lot like when you go into the job force…When you have a question or when you come across a problem you are going to need to have the skills necessary to be able to go out and seek the solutions of your own to develop new things. To know what your problem is, and to begin developing steps and going out and searching for that information as to how you’re going to resolve the problem.

Right from the start our students are learning how to do that on a daily basis with peer-to-peer learning, with project based learning. They’re confronted with a project. We give them very little information as to how to resolve that project because we want to be able to go out and experiment, to explore that environment and to come up with their own ideas rather than giving them a prewritten solution and just seeing them make that.”

Brittany Bir, COO of school 42, heard on a podcast on education in the 21st century

Until next time! 🚀

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