Chance Taken
Apr 1 · 5 min read
From @ed’s portfolio (URL below)

🎉 Congratulations @luissanchez on getting the new developer job!!

🎉 Congratulations @burak on the new dev job!!!

🍾 CONGRATULATIONS VOYAGE-8 TEAMS, you’ve already hit 3000+ notifications in the #github-newsfeed channel, which captures team github activity. WE DID IT!

Meet the Developer AMAs

🎙Shout-out to Musaab Bakheit (thesabby) who graciously hosted the AMA this past weekend (URL below).

🗓 The next AMA will be this Saturday and it will be with the amazing Van Tabbert! She’s an incredibly inspiring person (think juggling a family, learning, and job as a developer at WalMart) who has been a part of numerous Chingu teams. I’ve seen thousands of people go through Chingu and she’s one of the best leaders I’ve witnessed, full stop. 💯

See #chingu-news for an update later in the week on the exact time.

Shout-outs & Showcases

🔥 Have a look at this cool project by @az called Ideaz!

🔥Check out @ed’s portfolio! (cover page of this week’s update article)

🔥 Check out the Meet the Developer AMA with @thesabby from (& Chingu-X! 😉)

🔥 Here’s a nice chess app by @Carlos Peña!!

🔥Have a look at @pablowbk’s Weather app here!

Overheard in Chingu

vue is bae

chingu should have a casual friday where, instead of wearing casual clothes, everyone wears casual usernames

TagLib the new game by Chingu

im sure chance has like 1000 unread messages all the time

Scheduled a team meeting. Worked a lot on a better design doc.

Wrote a crude menu in react without external help!

We are all learning new things and will continue to build next week!

Starting working on the project

Implemented testing capability using Jest and Enzyme in Next.js

We divided our mockup project into components (stack React)

Learned grid layout

I accepted a job offer from Tallinn, Estonia.

I wrote most of the boilerplate for the front-end, by myself.

Made the weekly meetings regular, have a good communication, progressing towards!

Pair programming session to sort out the peer-2-peer connection and data share

I implemented a simple jQuery feature on my own, I also managed to solve a team problem.

Finish project skeleton

Got skeleton set up for project

we have almost finish the wireframe, and i had a job interview

Got app host on heroku and tested and troubleshot whitelist issue with mongoDB.

Managed to have a meeting as scheduled at first place — though the technical issues prevail, but we are all patiently towards each other to have the discussions and asked each team member what do they had in their minds.

Scheduled a meeting and discussed about the logic of the games we will be building

We worked on the wireframe. Everyone proposed a draft and we went from there. Really good ideas and good team flow

A team-member has a final stage job interview. We are all honing our React skills

Had a great meeting and came away with specific plans for the week

Planned most of our project

geckos-team-11 successfully completed a code sprint

Two of us learned the basics of React Hooks. The challenge for me this week was related, because my algorithm must retrieve the JSON for all YouTube videos on a channel only 50 at a time using Axios, which is fine, except I wanted to learn Hooks so has to use useState (easy) and useEffect (still kind of discombobulated about it) with a recursive function. Also, I am stuck on learning to unit test React Hook style code, especially when my code seems quite specific to our app.

actually our project manager got invitation for job interview

Had a team meeting (I couldn’t attend; I was too sick); added list of desired components/features to bug tracker; began work in earnest on repo

We made really good progress on our app, we’re pretty close to being able to discuss additional features and UI styling

We determined what we need for the front end and back end for the most part.

I had a successful LaunchCode interview and hope to be interviewing for Dev jobs soon!

We connected our client-side to our api and are VERY close to pushing out our mvp.

We talk about the template of page

Got the core function of our project down.

Successfully Setup Sockets and html Canvas Whiteboard

Got a contact work for a project

My team has been getting and attending interviews!

Started the login screen

Made 50% of our project ready for desktops

Done with our page’s design, moving on to coding it!

Scheduled our first meeting; appointed interim project manager, chose our project; used Github projects to assign tasks; phew. 😁

Chingus of the week

Crystal, Lucagessi, Daniel Preys, NatalieR, Kevin, Soreg, Ruben Vinki, jamsgra, Frankie, Kinga, cadis, @Jaytula, @Osycon @Lucagessi @Mette, ZumDeWald, Peppe and manu4216, Milos Birovljevic, @Aeesha, @kinga, willjw3, Sara, Hernando Guzmán, EVERYONE!, Diana Stanciu, sarajoha, jc7j, pecurran , Ming Ho, pecurran, Daniel and Maxwell, Hanen Wahabi, everyone, @Alvaro#2013 and @Bel#2847 , @jaytula, Manjila, CL Mason, bears-team-03 is at full-force and it’s a pleasure to code with all of them. They are HARD workers., Jennifer, jamgra, univisibl3, All of my team members have been exceptionally active: Ruben Vinke; Christin Mikolai; Hanen Wahabi; Joana, tdf, Pareen Patel, Layer, Janamr

Memes to go

Compliments of @Christin this week! 😀



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Chance Taken

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Join our friendly community's mission to create a collaboration & opportunity hub for tech-learners! Developers | Designers | Data Scientists

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