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Another day, another launch with hundreds of people from 70+ countries coming together to build, contribute, and level-up together!

News & Updates

🔥 The Voyage-9 Pre-work was a great success! We received hundreds of submissions and SO MANY PEOPLE built projects and had pair-programming sessions.

🔥Voyage-9 was launched this past weekend and the teams are getting fired up! Can’t wait to see what everyone builds this session!!

🔥 I know we just started Voyage-9, but Voyage-10 is coming around the corner!! We’ll be launching the Voyage-10 pre-work in mid June! You can apply for that here. (p.s. current Voyage-9 members cannot apply :P )

Shout-outs & Showcases

Check out the following projects from the Pre-work session!

🔥 @ZumDeWald’s Meteorite Landing Data app!

🔥 A massive shout-out to Jim who graciously did another AMA on the weekend for Chingu Voyagers!!

🔥 NinjaAniket’s Connect Four!

🔥@alatruwe’s In-it tab!

🔥 Hijinks’ Meteorite Explorer!

🔥 To the Voyage-9 members! I love seeing all the activity, collaboration and (already) perseverance going on! 💯

Overheard in Chingu

I am actually excited to work on pair programming or in a team cause before this, i’ve only worked on solo projects as my side projects.

its totally something different to work in a team than alone.

I’m sooo excited, can’t wait to start as soon as possible lol!

I am in Queens, New York. If you guys are around the 5 boroughs lets link up

I didn’t see who asked, but: Chingu projects look great on your resume. Project stories also make for great interview answers.

HOLD THE CHAT, @Christin IS HERE!!!!

Hello Chingu Friends!

Hey gang! Back for another round of Chingu.

My CEO just caught me working late, so I thought I might better stop working for today, so here I am

there is always great energy around chingu

so who here is from west Europe? Represent!!

I’m hyped to take this journey with you guys!

No need to be nervous everyone just know that this is going to be so much fun as we’ll get to know more people here who share the same interest and we all should only have one moto…Bring me Buuggss!!!

wheres jane when you need her with the moustache picture lol

I guess you can feel the excitement already

It feels like new year in here

I can say from personal experience that after the 4th cohort the fear and nervousness goes away haha

I don’t know, I doubt it. I only know cause I give blood every 3 months.

“They’ve got trees, and Mooses, and sled-dogs, lots of lumber, lumberjacks, and logs!

You are never alone at Chingu.

But as i am just graduating this year and having no commercial experience yet is making it very difficult for me to land my first dev and job and thats why I am here to have that kind of experience and hopefully land my job in abroad.

many people have put chingu on their resumes and for some it even reportedly helped!

Hi everyone. Thanks to all of you & specially to the Chingu authority for giving me this opportunity.

Though i am totally a nobb but after looking around the group, i feel like i am going to have some exciting experience

Resources of the week

From @Jeb:

“A little bit of the how and why of commit messages as we start our collaborative journeys”

That’s all for this week. Happy building!!

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