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Chingu Weekly vol. 85 — Teams are firing up in Voyage-9 and here comes Voyage-10!

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🎉 Congratulations to all the teams in the first week of Voyage-9! The message counts in team messages are wild (around 10k already), and the github notifications feed is blowing up! Keep it up!!

📣 People have been reaching out asking if there could be any roles for Voyage facilitators, so we’re going to experiment with bringing in more facilitators in the near future. If interested, keep your eye out in #chingu-news for the application form for this.

🎉 Welcome new members! We’ll be launching another Pre-work session later this week. 🔥

Shout-outs & Showcases

🔥Check out @fabianstarke’s portfolio page!

🔥 Here’s @MxOliver’s work-in-progress project called Pocket Thera-buddy, a tool to help keep track of your moods and daily habits.

🔥 Have a look at @ZumDeWald’s React Boilerplate (“with testing in mind”)!!

🔥For those interested in design, I recommend checking out @mecozma’s UX blog here!

Overheard in Chingu — Getting going!

We had our first team meeting on Google Hangouts and decided on the project we’re going to build. We’ve also both committed to learning React so we can achieve a Gecko-level project.

scheduled a meeting

Had a meeting, decided on a project to do, finished the back log!

Scheduled a meeting for 6/3 @9pm EDT

Completed the Pre-Work Connect 4 Game!! It demanded a LOT from me, glad I could get that one done

Scheduled our first meeting for this evening!

Had a meeting to share project ideas, tech stack we are going to use, organisation etc.

We had our meeting and came up with a good project idea.

Meeting done to discuss ideas to choose one for voyage

Had a Meeting and scheduled another

Made a promise to make 3 ideas till tomorrow to be able to decide what will we code

Secured another freelance project!

We scheduled our first meeting, there are really exciting ideas on the table!

Had a call with my teammate

scheduled a meeting

Decided on a project

We finished our first meeting

My teammate has only sent me one message on a background info. After that he has not been in contact with me.

discussed our goals and are currently deciding on a landing page project to pursue

We har the first meeting, decided on the app we should develop, the tools used, and we planed another meeting tomorrow evening to decide on the layout

scheduled a meeting and decided on the website that we will redesign.

We had fun planning our app in the team chat and in a google doc. We got a lot done on day one!

decided on what to make

I have completed a personal react shopping cart project

started learning graphql, whis a tech planned to use in our voyage

Familiarized myself with git and zenhub, and discussed with my teammate the MVPs of our project.

Mocked my app (messily on paper) and listed the objects/components I need for the version of my MVP for next Monday. Decided on front end part of the stack.

Decided on a project

Decide the landing page to clone, setup basic files and folders

Despite being very indecisive we picked a project and made a plan!

So far we’ve had a very productive week! We’ve had our first meeting, decided on our MVP, established our initial areas of responsibilities and decided on our communications/project management system.

Created the wire frames for my pages and a Asana board.

We have had a discussion about what the first sprint for the MVP should look like. We have picked our technology and are moving towards the goal of starting the project soon.

created backlog

we scheduled our first meeting.

team agreed on project and made mockup design

we have decided what the stack, the mvp, and the required features will be, but we will have to wait until the end of the week to start working on the project

had a tough week ’cause I have both full time work & chingu at the same time so it’s kinda overwhelming. But I think the hard works will pay it.

Decided on what I want to build

After plenty of ups and down, we’ve decided on the project we shall be working on

Scheduled a meeting and decided techstack

After so much deliberations we have decided and chosen which project to work on.

Well I try to complete my test project for internship, actually I still do not know if I will received by the company. But I hope I will. Oh yeah, I finish one kind of project for Eid Mubarak (my own personal project) and it’s relife me, hehehe…

Schedule a meeting; get ideas to enhance project

Resource of the week

Repo of awesome public datasets, posted by @sheadev

That’s all for this week!



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