Chingu Weekly vol. 80 — More projects, another AMA video!

Chance Taken
Apr 8 · 4 min read
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🎉 Congratulations whooolia on the new job!!

🎉 Congratulations on the new job @tarafenton!!!!!

🎉 Congratulations @christin on the new job!!

Shout-outs & Showcases

🔥 Check out last week’s AMA with VANNYA below! 🔥 🔥

🔥Check out this roject by @corochena!!

🔥 “This is a I built” by @abdulfatai

🔥 A project to learn about user authentication & databases, a by @jamsgra!

Overheard in Chingu

Had a pair programming session!

We’ve gotten quite confident using git workflow

I have been abusing React pretty badly. All my teammates were like: We have never seen something like it?!

had a little team organization chat with the PM

done with some modules and pushed a lot of react code

We had few code reviews but one was especially interesting while all members needed to leave a comment and approve it.It was very cool.

We have had some good pair-programming sessions this week

we integrated github authentication last sprint

Got my Responsive Web Design Certification from FCC

A team-mate is applying for GSOC PROPOSAL.

Everyone is doing something

We have one meeting every Monday and everyone always shows up, but we also communicate in chat every day. It is important to me that no one ever gets left behind or feels at a loss. I think this week we all overcame obstacles this week — both coding blocks and personal difficulties — but I am super proud of my team because we accomplished a LOT anyway! If a person can’t be present on any given day, the rest of us just continue to work then help that person to catch up. I can’t say I personally achieved something here, because my friends here helped out with everything I did! I learned React Hooks and using global variables in React. Ying taught me how to use the browser’s LocalStorage. Carlos explained to me how to understand the Phoenix framework and I was stoked to see it resembles Laravel (the one I am most familiar with) even though I don’t know Elixir. Oh and I also made NEW BUGS so I have something to do this week :)

Setup project skeleton

I got a job!

Tried to use Gatsby but instead decided to use Jekyll for my personal website (WIP)

I started to understand react

Passed my first technical interview for a part-time teaching assistant role for a coding bootcamp.

I finally submitted some work and a PR.

We had a meeting with all 4 of us to decide some things and divide tasks

Got an internship as backend dev

Finally was able understand redux and now moving onto backend

Everyone on the team now understands pull requests really well. We spent 30 minutes during our weekly meeting going over how to make a good pull request.

Project description, decided the topic, boiler plate is prepared

We are updating the site wireframe with some design suggestions from the team and setting up the backend. We should start with coding some react components.

Made our task on GitKraken.

Moved to Final round of 2 interviews.

Met up with a member for a team programming session here in Tokyo. I learned a lot from him!

I got a call to be interviewed for a software dev role

scheduled a meeting, had a pair programming session to help

Started work on a huge personal project

Raise our first PR.

Setting Up Routers for react

A team-mate got to the last stage of the interview process, she’s waiting for an answer to know if she got the job.

Team achievement: Full responsiveness in our website.

We have a mvp and are making progress

Chingus of the Week

Allan Applebee, jamsgra, Milos Birovljevic, grzybek, Piotr, Efe, Ed, Kinga, @Frankie, Sara, jidemobell, Ed, Ruben Vinke, Hanen Wahabi, Joana, @jaytula, OlaJohn, CL Mason AND Luis Rodriguez have been KILLING IT with the communication part of our App., @mette, Darshan, Susanna Kline, sarajoha, JeffVega, Roo, @Fouad, CesarP, I think Reece and Joseph have been great communicators, ZumDeWald, Pieter, iNightElf, Layer, Aviator, @jamsgra , @Jennifer, @uninvisibl3, hernando Gomez, @Nishavijai @Kinga, jidemobel, nedu, yinghuang1016, Sam__, Janamr, juan3111

Resource to go

Florin Pop’s article in the Freecodecamp publication!

Ch-check it out!


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Chance Taken

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