Chance Taken
Jul 15 · 5 min read
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🎉 Congratulations @josephk96 on getting the new web developer job!!

🎉 Congratulations to Voyage-9 teams and individuals who persevered and submitted their MVPs!! This is not easy. For those who didn’t complete it — there is always next time! 💪

🎉 Reminder: V11 is starting in mid- August and you can apply here

Shout-outs & Showcases

🔥 A python chatbot using NLTK built by @nellie!! “My chatbot, she needs work, but she’s mine.”

🔥Check out @duledu’s Parking-Servis project!

🔥 Here’s a landing page for a fictional dance academy that @sabina built!

🔥Check out this single price grid-component that @stevensaunders built!

Overheard in Chingu

We jumped on an idea and ran, and it’s going great

Got a job in a web development firm!

We met twice this week. We discussed our project and began setting up our environment. This included deciding on a tech stack, code style, and adding branches to the repo. We will be discussing the next sprint’s tasks and delegation, tests and design tomorrow.

I sketched the project and came up with the design so I’m ready to code it.

I love how Chingu has become part of my life. Not just something I do sometimes, but a rewarding part of my life where I learn and feel I belong (even when I make mistakes).

Decided the direction of the project

Team achievements — scheduled a meeting

We’ve opened issues, pushed some commits and actually started working on our clone.

scheduled meeting for today

Personal: Set up the app development environment including an example of MVC so my team member can get accustomed to it & we can hit the ground running.

Pair programming session!

Scheduled a meeting Started team project

Just realized that even if the last feature we want to add isn’t done in time, then our MVP is already finished

Got all the version 1 features working.

fixed bug on both ToDo section / SearchBar section

I’m so glad that I signed up for Chingu. Looking back at six weeks, I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I have learned. Participating in a group setting has given me confidence to know that I can pursue a career in web development and be successful. I know I still have a lot to learn but being pushed out of my comfort zone was needed. I really enjoyed the experience of working on a team. Looking forward to doing another Chingu voyage soon. Thank you.

We deploy the project.

Finished setting up bootstrap layout successfully

we learned reactjs, we did a wireframe for our project using figma

scheduled a meeting

Scheduled a meeting and thought about the idea to implement

Setup base for project

We had our first meeting, agreed on tech stack, and brainstormed ideas and came up with a preliminary plan with functional requirements for our app.

So far just getting started; coming up with an idea to build.

Designed a landing page in Adobe XD and started working on it.

We’ve picked a project, created tasks and user stories and picked tasks to work on.

I was able to design the wireframe of the landing page. I have introduced a bouncy arrow in the page (i saw it somewhere and tried at coding it myself).

Our team had a successful meeting with great planing and task sharing :)

conducted a meeting over weekend

Scheduled a meeting

Despite our scheduling conflicts we have decided on our Clone page (project)

I became more familiar with using Github issues, milestones and ZenHub.

After a never ending brain storming, finally decided on what to build. I may not be able to finish even the MVP but this project is definitely going to get me out of my comfort zone and push me to learn new stuff, become a much better programmer.

Had a daily check-in call of 15 minutes since our first meeting :)!

We scheduled a meeting and assigned tasks for each member during this sprint

We got our issues tracked on Zenhub and started production on our html and css boiler plates. I successfully figured out git / github work flow to a pretty extensive measure (beyond simply pushing updates)

Scheduled a couple of meetings + Set up GitHub repositories

My team-mate is managing the project github with initiative.

We had national holidays in each country last week. I feel we have to be in hurry in a bit this week.

Great experience so far

We chat this week

Super happy to be here! :3

It would be very helpful to have access to documentation of a git workflow for an example project!

My teammate is great at the administrative stuff which really helps me focus on code and not get all worried about whether stuff for readme and such is worded nicely. It helps to have a nudge and encouragement in the right direction.

We’re on our way!! Yay!!

I’m ready to get started this week to clear up information and start building the project.

We are forming and storming! Hopefully norming is right around the corner.

Resources of the week

From @Christin: “handy link hehe, helps to change curl examples into fetch thingies for API requests”

That’s all for this week. Happy learning!


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Chance Taken

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Join our friendly community's mission to create a collaboration & opportunity hub for tech-learners! Developers | Designers | Data Scientists

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