FCC Speedrun — Simon Game

If you don’t know what FCC Speedrun is — here is a link to a GitHub repo.

To me this was the most challenging frontend project both this time and the first time when I did it.

You can check the live version of it here and the source code here.

Before FCC I’ve never heard of the Simon Game, I’ve never seen a physical device and hence I’ve never played one (and I can’t imagine playing one as a child — it seems so boring and dull 😒).

Anyway, this project comparing to all the previous ones is a huge jump in complexity — here you need to manage AI, play audio and handle user interaction. Doing it in React didn’t make it easier. Having no interest in finished product was also a huge de-motivator.

In the end I decided to go through user stories step-by-step and just append the relevant code to the app. Final result — bunch of spaghetti code which I’m afraid to touch 😒.

But I’m happy that I pushed through and didn’t give up.

Next on to the Data Viz challenges 😀.

My progress in the Speedrun thus far:

Thank you for your attention and happy coding 🤓

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