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Chance Taken
Mar 4 · 3 min read
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Please ask questions. I’m hungry

Rather odd question but I’m really curious since I know I’m not the only one who does this.. Who else is covering their laptop’s camera with a sticker? :see_no_evil:

So, today I have written an AST analyser that get all imports/require/re-exports from TS and JS files. I was never brave enough to work with AST, so when this worked I just felt like I reached the moon xD

you don’t recognize my ankles?!

It is 3:30am and I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Now time to work.

to collaborate, learn, and most importantly have fun together! that’s why we are all doing this, yeah? programming is so intellectually stimulating and humans are social animals

I got a bit of exercise at work today 😜

nostalgia kicked in today. BG music brought to you by this fantastic masterpiece:

GraphQL doubt: I wrote my schema in `schema.graphql` file, and trying to read it to `server.js` using `fs.readFileSync`. This fails if I don’t have `graphql` npm module installed. Why?

do we have a Java developer in the house ??

Good morning | afternoon | evening | night | it has been a long week and just wanted to put some gratitude out there. Thank you you so much to all those who have helped and supported me this far. And to anyone who is feeling doubt, you can do it… I never thought that I would. I did, such a great community of people. New day new code new month.

“Hookin’. A pole climbing adventure”

Interesting. I get bills on my phone from services i never even heard of

Can we have a channel for music? xD

Hello everyone ! Just finished the pair-programming session with @Ed. Great experience, great person, I learned a lot

How is everybody? What are you hacking right now? :slightly_smiling_face:

Loudspeaker: *Constructive feedback wanted* :loudspeaker: 😃Just finished v1.0 of my Book Finder :tada: I might implement other features before the pre-work phase is over but the main functionality is there. I’d appreciate any comment or constructive feedback you might have!

@Jim, we used to have a daily-logs channel. I kind of miss it :see_no_evil:

dear friends… I want to prepare an article for tomorrow in which I’m going to show how to solve another JS Challenge. I’d love to hear: which one would you like me to get through? It can be from FreeCodeCamp, CodeWars, HackerRank, etc… :slightly_smiling_face: Or you can even create one on the spot :laughing:

Does anybody know the legal sides of working a remote job? I mean, if the company is not paying taxes in your company, can you work for it? Or are the rules country specific? I’m not talking about freelancing, but working for a company remotely..

I’m thinking I would like to change my tier. How might I go about doing this?

New month. New post about a coding challenge: https://www.florin-pop.com/blog/2019/03/jcc-birthday-cake-candles/ 😃


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Chance Taken

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Join our friendly community's mission to create a collaboration & opportunity hub for tech-learners! Developers | Designers | Data Scientists