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Voyage-8 teaser & extra info

So you don’t freak out before we start

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🔥 On February 21st we’ll send you the brand new Chingu Handbook, but we thought we’d share a little information before then as well.

Below is a list of links to help you get oriented and ready for your Remote-developer Pre-work & Voyage! Don’t feel like you have to read & watch everything (you won’t be able to).

1 — Why Chingu?

So you’ve been accepted to a Chingu cohort?

Guess what?!

Not only are you now on a path to accelerate your learning, meet new developer friends from across the world, and develop in-demand collaboration skills, you’ll also be contributing to Chingu’s Moonshot mission of…

Helping unlock the world’s tech talent through collaboration!!!! 🚀

2 — So, what’s next? What can I expect?

The new Pre-work session

In Voyage-8 we’re going to have a pre-work session. This will last 11 days and give everyone a chance to get familiar with the tools (Slack, Git/github, among others) meet your fellow cohort members, complete a mini project and have a pair-programming experience!

By completing the individual project, it’ll also allow you to get a better sense of where you’ll best fit in the Voyage team project (See the Tiers section below for more info about this), and allow us to generate the most optimal teams.

Very friendly and supportive community

In your cohort you can expect a super friendly/supportive community of developers. We’re going to mix it up in Voyage-8 and you’ll have access both to the larger Voyage community (usually around 200–400 people), as well as a smaller “Village” of people with similar timezones to you.

You’ll share resources and knowledge with each other, keep each other accountable, and of course, BUILD a project for your portfolio while in a team.

Get out of your comfort zone

Let’s also not forget: you will be challenged to level-up your skills. This is not a tutorial where you can lazily follow through. This is the antidote to tutorial purgatory.

Learning the basics of team collaboration is not easy, and it will bring you out of your comfort zone, but it’s a super power in today’s global economy.

Confidence & a shiny portfolio

You can also expect that if you show grit, you’ll come out with a shiny new project for your portfolio (some teams even build nonprofit projects or projects that create value for others).

3 — What about the Tiers? I want to make sure I’m working on the right project

You may be wondering “I hope I don’t choose the wrong tier!”

Don’t worry! In the Pre-work session you’ll get the opportunity to get a sense about each Tier and where you best fit in.

We’ll then ask you after the Pre-work session what Tier you best fit in for the Voyage (and it’s absolutely okay to change from what you originally put in your application).

There will be more information on the projects associated with each tier in the Chingu Handbook we’ll send on February 21st. 😃

4— How can I prepare for this Voyage?

Remember, on February 21st we’ll send you the official Chingu Handbook that will have everything you need, but here are a few things you can look at if you want to start preparing early.

🔥A) Learn the basics of git/github

When we ask experienced members what the number one way to prepare for a team project is, they all say: Learn the basics of git/github!

If you’re new to git, do this→ Learn Git basics in 15 minutes

Set up Git on your computer

These Git articles (written by the legendary Chingu Francesco Agnoletto) shall be your guide! Also: see Francesco’s video on git below for more.

🔥B) Learn and begin to practice these essential Soft Skills.

30 principles to level-up your Soft Skills

(Note: if you learn these principles and how to apply them, they’ll change your life, full stop.)

5 —A Brief Schedule

February 21st —We’ll send you an email with the new Chingu Handbook, which will include EVERYTHING you need to know about the Pre-work session, your Voyage cohort, how teams work, etc.

February 22nd — you’ll receive your Slack invite to the pre-work!

March 9 — The Voyage-8 cohort will officially start!

6— Want to be SUPER prepared? Check these out!

Below are some articles and videos from past members. Feel free to check any of them out.

🔥 Francesco Agnoletto on how to use Git/Github in a team setting

🔥@Oliver & @Dan, on Pair-Programming Tips (& a mini Demo)

Ben Kandelaars on his experience/team workflow in a Voyage (they reverse-engineered Airbnb!)

🔥Vannya, on being a Project Manager and Team Developer

Van Tabbert on the importance of building Momentum in remote teams.

Francesca Sadikin on her team’s project in a Voyage (they built TurtlesTab!)

Shout-out to Eun Park, thorbw, @miles

7— Member Articles

🔥 ziggysauce article on his Voyage team experience

Also, here is an article he wrote after he got a job!

🔥Sarah Schneider (one of the creators of CO/MENT, a Voyage project) on her experience in a Voyage team:

Six things I learned in six weeks on a Chingu Voyage Build2Learn project

🔥Eun Park’s article on her experience in a Voyage team:

Stress and insecurity: a newbie’s first remote dev team experience

🔥Matthew Burfield on his code adventure

How I got a mid-level front end developer role in just 8 months

🎆 If you get any of these 5 Chingus on your team, you just hit the remote dev lottery

8 — Past Project Showcases

🚀 Never stop building (Voyage-5/6)

🚀 Build, hack, learn: 50+ remote developer projects from the Chingu cohorts to start your day off right (Voyage-4)

🚀 The Winter Chingu Project Showcase (Voyage-3)

🚀 The Fall Chingu Project Showcase (Voyage-2)

🚀 The Spring/Summer Chingu Project Showcase (Voyage-1)

p.s. Voyage-7 showcase coming soon!

9— Keep up with Chingu on Medium or Twitter! 🚀


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