Weekly Update Vol.2

Foxes, Raccoons, Rhinos

Hello you wonderful people! Sit back, relax, and (if you can) roast some marshmellows by the campfire while you enjoy this week’s Weekly Update.

What has everyone been working on?

Raccoons: Keep your eyes out for Humans of FCC (titled Campfire Stories), set to debut this week! I’ll send you a link when it goes live. Also, if we don’t have a “story snippet” from you yet, watch out! We’re coming for you soon! ;p

Foxes: Some wild Foxes started a new project this week. They are reverse engineering a web-app called Momentum, which is a beautifully designed productivity tool. This project could also be called Don’t Listen to Chance though. When they started, I recommended they start as simple as possible and use codepen (as a few Raccoons and I worked on it before and had some unforeseen difficulties, which we will eventually fix and finish!), but these ambitious Foxes went straight to git, ignoring my warnings — and I’m so glad they did! They indeed arrived at some challenges, but reading how they are resolving those challenges as a group has been nothing short of inspiring. Shout-out to @mozar10, @tu-an, @sparta, @djmousefarm, and @mojjammil!

Rhinos: The Rhinos are, against all odds (around 20 people working on the same project from all around the world without a defacto Project Manager), progressing well on the Space Invaders game! These people are amazing! (Parminder Singh, in our Rhino hearts we know you’re secretly the Project Manager though, and we thank you! :) ).

Word-of-the-Day app

@l-emi: So, l-emi not only made a Word-of-the-Day Chrome app (which I now use and recommend), but she even wrote two articles showing how to make your own as well! You can find those here and here. If you have a chance, try out her chrome app and send either her or me any feedback you have! :)

@mmhansen: Michael Hansen is a cohort member who is ALL ABOUT level-ups and helping others. Not only has he been one half of the backend team building out the Humans of FCC site, he’s also making tutorial videos! If you are learning/using React, I highly recommend his videos on Webpack, which you can view here and here.

Also, you might notice that we have a Chingu youtube channel now. It’s a work in progress, but if you have any topic or tutorials you’d like to see, don’t be afraid to make a request in the comments or send me a message. If you want to make a video, we can help with that too!

@sergo-cielo: This man is skilled in the realm of design. Here’s an amazing 2 minute video he made called All Starts With a Line (I’ve personally watched it about 12 times haha — the combination of the energetic Spanish music and the concept gets me inspired).

@chiptus: Chaim Lando is an interesting character. Not too long ago, he quit his job and decided to learn to code…while traveling India with his girlfriend! He has been writing about his adventures as a travelling coder, and his first medium article is on using Offline Package Managers (a must if you are ever traveling and coding). Check it out here (you can also find a link there to his blog “The Digital Nomad”).

@mmartinb: This is from last year and not code-related, but it’s so awesome I can’t help but mention it here anyways. @mmartinb is studying Aerospace Engineering (as well as web dev)and helped design the race-car below. You can see a video of this baby in action here. My god isn’t that thing beautiful?


CHINGU of the week:

This week the honours go to @collinstommy. Why? Because a few weeks ago Thomas Collins posted a message saying that he was going on vacation. I sent him a message asking about how his vacation is going, and what does he reply with? “hi! I’m in Nicaragua learning in a Spanish school right now.” I love how random this is, and I’m not at all surprised. So many of us Raccoons, Foxes and Rhinos are exactly like this. We love learning so much that we will even learn while on VACATION! haha I love it.

Weekly Topic:

What Programming books have you read or recommend? Link to the chat here.

I-Can-Relate Gifs of the week:

@trion: “When the bug keeps returning even after many days”

@mojjammil: “Debugging Code”

What’s coming very soon

Arnold in his Mr. Olympia Days aka your portfolio one day!

Projects Process “Duct-tape” Solution: We want to make projects much easier to start, to join, and to finish. Because the reality is that people who have portfolios that look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Mr. Olympia days get developer jobs. Projects are how you get your portfolios like that, and we believe if you have the motivation, you should have the opportunity to do that! :) In the next week or so I’ll send you an opportunity to participate in a small project so we can find out what works and improve the process.

The team in the picture below are working hard to make this a reality, so we can ALL have portfolios like the picture above.

Spotted: A bunch of wild Raccoons, Foxes and Rhinos on Skype!

You might have noticed I wrote “duct-tape”, which is another way of saying Temporary. We’ve got a WILD idea for an app to help with this process, but it’s currently in development and won’t be finished for a bit, so we decided to just get the wheels going with a temporary solution until that’s ready. More details to come in the future.

Chingu Jet-Pack: I will also be sending you something that I’m calling the Jet-Pack. It will be a trello board that will help make things less confusing in the cohorts and let you see what’s going on without having to look at every message in the channels. It will be a How-To-Guide to accessing all the opportunities the cohorts can provide. All important docs and links will be held here in one place. I’ll have my messenger-owls deliver your jet-pack to you before the next Weekly Update.

That’s all for this week, folks. Have a great week coding and as always, feel free to message me about anything (I like chatting!).

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