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Weekly Update Vol. 42

Applications for Voyage-2 (starting around September 20th) will open to existing members later this week so keep your eye out for that (I’ll be sending a message out)! :)

— Congrats ksmai who finished a P1XT Guide!

— Congrats ksmai on promptly getting a dev job! (no surprise there ;p, @ksmai finished both a p1xt guide AND has been involved in Chingu teams, so both the technical and soft-skills were covered).

— Congrats @jbull328 on getting a dev job! (a bit late posting this)

— Good luck Parminder Singh who just signed up for the Mercedes Benz Hackathon!

Write for the Chingu publication!

Recently we’ve published articles from members. If you have an idea for an article (can be an experience, a tutorial, a project showcase etc.) please shoot me a DM (@chance)!

Showcase & Shout-out

Showcasing something a bit different this week: I did a search in the slack Voyage for images so we could show anonymous bits of collaboration aka projects-in-progress!

These are from Voyage Bears, Turtles and Owl teams throughout their process.

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