Weekly Update Vol. 43

Welcome to another glimpse into remote collaboration projects!

News & Random

— Congratulations @adeyinka who received a Women’s Techmakers Udacity Scholarship for the Full-Stack Web Developer Nanodegree!

—Congratulations Avid Rutham who also won the Techmakers Udacity Scholarship!

— Congratulations @jayu who just got a Full-Stack Developer position!

— Congratulations @kk who got a dev job offer this week! :)

— A Bears team is doing a beta test for a slack-bot game! Anyone is free to sign up (much appreciated) here. :) (the beta-test will happen August 29th aka tomorrow)

Shout-out & Showcase

Some more images pulled from team projects!

@kornil — Francesco Agnoletto is back again with another gem article! Part 3 of his git-tutorial series — I highly recommend you check it out!

@jdmedlock — Jim Medlock is back with another wonderful screencast showing the recent changes made to devGaido!

@no-stack-dub-stack —Check out peterWeinberg’s awesome portfolio!

@kimkwanka — Kim Kwanka made a React boiler-plate called Niru (best name for a boilerplate I’ve ever seen)!

Niru (japanese: ‘to boil’) is a somewhat opinionated React boilerplate to make app creation as fast as possible.
Although primarily written for my own needs I want to share it so people can use it directly or maybe just have a reference on how to accomplish some of the weirder things in the React ecosystem.
Unlike most boilerplates it comes with its own 2 mini CSS frameworks to not only make apps look pleasing right from the beginning but also leverage functional / atomic css to speed up development.

@aaayumi — Ayumi Leia Saito made this travel inspiration chatbot on Facebook (note you’ll need to do facebook auth to use it).

@florinpop — Check out Florin Pop’s new website!

@antonderegt — Anton de Regt wrote this article on web-safety and overcoming that facebook addiction called Nobody is safe on the internet.

Chingus of the Week

I wanted to take a moment to give a shout-out to all the parent coders in the cohorts. We have many people who are not only coding after work, but also while looking after their kids.

Whether it’s holding a baby during a team meeting, or messaging about a project while waiting for a daughter to finish dance lessons (or soccer practice), or struggling through a challenge while the kids are running wild in the background, you deserve to be recognized. Learning to code is not easy, but learning to code with work and kids is a balancing act on a whole other level that deserves an applause!

It’s a testament to how wonderful learning is, and it’s damned inspiring. I should also note: one of the most ambitious projects in Voyage this session is from a team of parents!

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