Letter to a Friend

Writing by Anonymous
Illustration by Tamara Farrell

My Friend,

You don’t have the right to be in love with anyone except me.
You have two options: me and just me.

I’m so in love that it’s out of my control, yet it feels so good.
I love how kind you are to everyone, and also to me.

But although you don’t want be loved by me, at least be sensible:
Don’t vainly try for more, your hug is made for me.

There is no strength to your promises,
But because I’m crazy I’ll trust you again.

I am like a small flower in a great storm:
When you get flourish I will go out from here.

I am not with you but alone in the end.
Why am I valued to you even less than 
the windows and doors that accompany you?

You will arrive too late and I will die with just your memory.
Without you I will die at the farthest point of the world.