Apple Adds Motion Capture Startup Faceshift To Their Family

Another acquisition in the VR space sheds light on Apple’s growing interest in the space

The notion and potential of Virtual Reality technology has enthralled almost all the prominent electronics manufacturers. And, to an extent the market for VR technology seems to be growing exponentially, thanks to customer interest in this space.

Giants like Google, Sony, Samsung and Facebook have already jumped in and had a hands-on experience in the virtual reality domain, however Apple has been holding off from any public display of affection for this nascent field.

That’s not to say they aren’t interested.

Apple has already been tagged for quite a few acquisitions of entities in the facial recognition and virtual reality world. They acquired a facial recognition startup Polar Rose in 2010, then acquired a 3D sensor company PrimeSense in 2013, and followed that up by the acquiring an augmented reality company Metaio in May this year. And they aren’t done yet!

Official sources have confirmed that Apple has acquired a Zurich-based startup Faceshift that focuses on producing motion-capture technologies.

The startup’s technology has it’s primary applications in gaming and film production, in fact it has utilized the technology in the prominent “Starwars” project, while some of the startup’s patented technologies are also employed in video calling softwares.

Faceshift gained most prominence for it’s technology that creates animated avatars and other figures based on the facial expression of a real life person.

The technology basically captures real-life expressions and then translates those realistically onto a computer model. Obviously, this transformation needs a high level of accuracy and that is where the secret sauce is.

Typically, Apple hasn’t acknowledged most of this. Neither has it revealed how it (Apple) will make use of Faceshift’s technology in its VR projects.

We do know that it’s happening though. Industry watchers have spotted some of the Faceshift’s employees working for Apple directly from the company’s European offices.

With the recent acquisition, Apple now seems to be poised to make up ground and may readying to assert their domination in the VR domain.

Sounds intriguing!

Originally published at Chip-Monks.