Apple Designing Chips For An iPhone With No Home Button

New rumours point to the possibility that Apple could eliminate the home button altogether.

Apple has been known to bring about radical changes in the tech sector since it’s inception, way back in 1976.

The ideology of doing things differently has gone a long way for the Cupertino-based tech giant. Currently,

Now, rumour has it that in it’s interminable quest to build lithe, powerful, yet eminently usable devices, Apple is working on designing touchscreen chips with no home button. Conjectured to be used on their marquee smartphones, this will surely make for an ultra-thin iPhone!

The device isn’t expected to be announced by Apple anytime soon, but a design like this is really something to look forward to in times to come!

Reports suggest that these touchscreen chips will allow fingerprint sensors to be integrated to the main display itself, instead of residing within a physical home button.

The elimination of a physical home button in favour of a virtual one would allow Apple to increase the size of the display on it’s devices without having to increase the physical size of the iPhone.

The fact that Apple are trying to manufacture these touch screen chips, suggests that Apple is bringing more of its chip design in-house to maintain their level of control and secrecy intact.

With Avago’s acquisition of Broadcom — a major Apple supplier, things might have gotten a little tricky for Apple if they hadn’t done their course correction on time and recruited some of the best people in the business.

What remains unknown is how Apple might address the absence of the home button, which is crucial for a number of functions — returning to the home screen, waking the display and accessing iOS’s quick app switcher.

The issue of Touch ID of course, will be tackled by incorporating touch screen chips beneath the device’s display, which will allow multi-touch for a more secure environment. Waking the display without a dedicated home button shouldn’t be much of a problem either. The tap-to-wake feature on the Apple watch is a proof of that.

Although removing the home button from the iPhone has a lot of plus points for Apple, however they have to be careful. The “ease of use” of an iPhone is an most important and appealing component of any user’s experience, with the home button gone, people might find the device a little too hard/complicated to use.

Apple have modified customer behaviour before, removing the USB drives on their laptops, removing the CD drive altogether now along with influencing users to sync via iTunes to name a few.

Let’s wait (albeit impatiently) to gauge the truth in the rumors.

Originally published at Chip-Monks.